Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 7/13/11

Tabby writes:

Sorry this note is so late!  Mommy's birthday, everything with kitten watching because Mama Leopard (our feral cat) brought her kittens by on Mommy's birthday and they all are practically living on our deck now, it all means writing my note took back stage.  That's fine, though, because I love watching the kitten show!

Last Wednesday, when we got on our second bus, the man we sat next to wanted to know all about me and kept waving to me.  He has a cat that he absolutely adores, and his wife has a cat, too.  The bus driver, however, wasn't impressed with me and told Mommy I smelled up the whole bus!  I meowed at him once, right after he made that comment, and everyone on the bus smiled.  Mommy replied that I'd had a bath the day before, and that at least cats didn't smell as bad as wet dogs!

We were early, so we ended up walking from the Rose Quarter/Rose Garden Arena to the Walgreens to do some shopping.  At Walgreens, a lady saw my stroller and picked up a Snoopy doggie toy they had on sale, bringing it over to us and pointing it out to Mommy.  Mommy smiled and said that would be a great toy, if I were a dog!  The lady smiled and looked more carefully, giggling, then took the toy to buy it for her own doggies at home.  It was a cute toy, but not one I would like to have.  We also heard about a new baby chihuahua that just got adopted.

After the store, we walked to H.  My friends had bought my book!  :)  >^..^<  Mommy signed it and I pawtographed it by pressing my paw onto a stamp pad and then onto the book.  :)  I don't like to have anything goopy on my paws, but Mommy cleaned it right off so it wasn't too bad.  I didn't want anyone touching my paw pads for the rest of the day, though!  We love my book, and the residents love it, too.  They had it read to them a few days before, when it came, so we got to hear how much they enjoyed it!

I went upstairs to visit, and got mobbed in the tv room!  T., G., H., S., M., and a few others were there, waiting for me.  I made a new friend, B.  She fell and broke her arm, so she's there for a little while until she recovers.  She cried as she petted me and talked to me, because she missed her little doggie that went to the Bridge a few months ago.  She apologized for crying, but Mommy told her that she totally understood and that it was good for her to cry.  I snuggled in, then sat on her walker seat for a bit as well.  She had a Fig Newton wrapper, but didn't have any left to give me.  I looked over at G., but she didn't have any either.  That treat was GOOD last week!

I sat with G. for a few minutes, then went over to see T. and S.  I rolled around on T.'s walker seat again and rolled off again!  Surprised, I shook my head while everyone laughed.  Why, oh why can't I remember that it's not a solid back?!  I sat on S.'s lap, then went over to see M. and let her pet me.  I haven't seen her in a while, so I was really happy to see her again.  Then, I decided it was time to leave the tv room, so I walked out, Mommy following with my stroller.

A lot of my friends were either off doing other things or sleeping, but I got to visit with a lot of people anyway.  I saw B. again, because she'd gone back to her room.  She was happy that Mommy was writing down my adventures, and wondered if she'd be included.  Of course you are, B.!  I don't know if you'll read this, or have it read to you, but I loved visiting with you!  *headbonks*

D. was walking in the hallway, so we stopped to visit with her.  Mommy asked if she was trying to go to her room, or where she was going, and she told us she just wanted to walk for a while.  Good for her!  :)  I sniffed P.'s feet, making her smile.

We visited with a few people another floor, too.  They'd requested that we visit them.  One lady wasn't ready for our visit, because she was taking a nap, but she got up and let us in anyway.  She liked seeing me, but we'll come back another time when she's more ready for a visit.  A man whose family had requested a visit smiled when he was told who was visiting, and fixed his hair for us.  He was happy to have me come in and see him!  Another lady, whom we'd visited with before, was so very glad for my visit.  She'd missed me!  I lay down on the arm of her recliner and let her pet me and snuggle me, then lay down on her lap.  Mommy took her hand and moved it over my stripes while she described me to the lady, who is almost totally blind.  Then the lady petted me and told us stories about the kitties she used to have.

After we got off our last bus going home, Mommy would NOT let me walk!  I usually walk at least a third of the way home from the cross street to our driveway, but she wouldn't unzip the stroller!  She said we didn't have time.  Then, it started to rain, so I was just as glad I wasn't walking in that rain.  I did get to walk up the stairs by myself, though.  I absolutely LOVE stairs!


Gemini and Ichiro said...

I think you had quite a good walk earlier on though! What a good day!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with lots of furriends and a nice outing. The man on the bus sounds rude. Glad you meowed at him. Have a pawsome day.

Sparkle said...

What a great therapy day, Tabby! Reading about your adventures always makes my day happier!

meowmeowmans said...

Tabby, that sounds like such a great day. Thank you for the awesome therapy work you are doing. :)