Friday, December 17, 2010

Fashion Friday: Harness-training Kittens

Oh, hi there!  Heimdall here, modeling my mesh harness.  Mommy put them on Freya and me to start harness-training us again, since it's been a while since our last lesson.  I like my harness now, although I wasn't sure if I could jump with it on.  Turns out I can!

Freya here.  I don't really like wearing my harness, but I don't mind it.  In this picture, I'm fighting off the harness strap and the bag handle at the same time!  I ended up winning, but it was a long, tough fight, MOL!!!

See, I told you I won the fight!  Here I am, savoring my victory while still wearing my harness (but with the strap under me).  Mommy says we're doing really, really well at harness-training.  One more lesson and we'll get the strings attached and get to walk around the house with the strings on.  Oh, they're called leashes?  Well, they're strings to me, and I love to POUNCE on them!


Kea said...

Your mom's quite smart to let you get used the harness first, then the leash (string) before taking you outside. Good luck!

The Island Cats said...

You look good in your harness! We hope you get used to it soon!

MaddyCakes said...

Too cute! Anytime I tried a harness on any of my cats, they would just do the "freeze & flop" until I took it off!