Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unhappy Therapy Cat

Tabby writes:

Last Friday, Mommy and I went visiting at the nursing home. I hadn't been for a month, because we'd had the tiny kittens and then Daddy had been sick. But I was all excited to go on Friday to see my friends again! I did my rounds, hopping out of the stroller at each room and walking in on my leash.

When I walked in to see E.M., someone I don't visit regularly but who is on the floor I visit, she asked if it was a dog on the leash. The people I visit are the ones who need the most care, so some of them have Alzheimer's or other major disorders/illnesses. When Mommy explained that I was a cat and asked her if she'd like to visit with me, I walked right up to her chair. She kicked me! I sidestepped, then looked at Mommy with a horrified expression on my face. No one had ever kicked me before!!! Mommy called me over, picked me up, and we walked into the hallway. She put me down on the floor and gave me cuddles and pets, telling me that I was a good girl and that she was sorry that the lady had done that. After a few minutes, she could tell I was ok to go on to the next room.

I watched feet and wheels really closely after that, the whole visit! I was also growly, but Mommy understood why.

We won't be visiting with that lady ever again. Mommy made sure to tell our contact person about that, and asked that we not visit that lady. The contact person totally understood.

I went to Mommy's Norwegian class that evening, and charmed all the students, so the day ended on a happy note.


Kaz's Cats said...

Tabby, We're sorry that you had a bad experience, but we think that you're very brave to go on visiting with sick peoples. Purrs to you for being brave and loving,

Gypsy & Tasha

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh I am so sorry that you got kicked. Here you are doing such a wonderful and brave thing. I am glad you are okay.

The Island Cats said...

Tabby, we're sorry that lady kicked you. Sometimes old people don't think real clearly and do things that might not be nice. We think it's really great that you visit with the people at the nursing home...we bet most of them are really nice.

Daisy said...

Oh dear! Tabby, I'm sorry you got kickeded. You were very brave to carry on.

Happy Cat Family said...

Oh my Goodness gracious, I don't even know what to say to this one! I am so sorry you got kicked!
I hope this never ever ever happens to you again! Hang in there!

Ikaika said...

Tabby, we are sorry about what happened to you. You are a very brave kitty doing important work.

Karen Jo said...

Oh, Tabby, I am so very sorry that the lady kicked you. You were very brave to carry on after that. I hope nothing like that every happens to you again. You do such wonderful and caring work. Happy Birthday, Skylar!