Monday, October 26, 2015

Remembering Skylar and Lydia on their Birthday

Today we remember Skylar and Lydia especially, because today is their birthday.  They were Mommy's first kitties, and they were born on October 26, 1999.  Lydia lived until 2008, and Skylar lived until 2010.

They started out being part of the Rich family in Portland, who were neighbors of Mommy.  Skylar would garden with Mommy, eating tomatoes!  Lydia took a while to warm up to Mommy, but she would watch while bird-hunting.  They were inside-outside cats, a bonded pair of littermates, who would cry at the screen door if one of them was inside while the other one was outside.  They loved the Rich family, and considered the kids their people.

When the Richs had to move across the country, they asked Mommy to adopt Skylar and Lydia, because Skylar had already adopted Mommy!  Of course, Mommy said she would.  Mommy became Skylar's person, but it took a while for Lydia to choose Daddy.  At first, Skylar and Lydia lived at Mommy's boss' house, because Mommy was a nanny.  After a few months, and a few escape attempts, Skylar and Lydia were brought over to Daddy's and introduced to (then kittens) Tabby and Carbon.  Immediately, Lydia became the alpha cat of the household, although she gave her brother more leeway than anyone else.  She ruled the household with an iron paw, and could send anyone (including Skylar) flying across the floor with a double-paw slap!

After hiding and making it obvious that she despised the relocations, Lydia made up her mind to choose Daddy as her person because she wanted to help him heal.  He had just had knee surgery and was confined to the couch for most of the time.  One day, while he was sleeping, Lydia climbed up on his side and settled down.  When he woke up, she was staring right into his eyes, telling him that she was here for him and would always be.  From then on, he was her person.

After Lydia died, Skylar was heartbroken.  A few months later, we thought we were going to lose him, too, but then Starla came into his life.  She was a young cat, just over a year old at the time, and very skittish, having come from an abusive and neglectful home.  Skylar adopted her as "his kitten", and the two bonded almost like he had with his sister.

Three days after Skylar died, we adopted the "new" tuxedo twins, Freya and Heimdall, who are now five years old.  They remind us every day of their aunt and uncle, and are a constant joy in all our lives.  We know, absolutely, that our original tuxedo twins sent them to us!

Happy Birthday at the Bridge, dear angels Skylar and Lydia!  We love you and will never forget you!


Fur Everywhere said...

Happy Birthday, sweet angels! We are sure Jewel is helping you celebrate at the Bridge today. You two are obviously very special.

The Island Cats said...

Happy Birthday to your angel kitties! Purrs to you as you remember them on this special day.

Summer said...

Thanks for telling us the story of these two very special kitties. <3

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Skylar and Lydia. You were obviously furry special kitties and loved so furry much.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Eva said...

Happy Birthday Skylar and Lydia. Thanks for telling us about them.

Rolle, Gusten, Bertil, Eva-Stina, Totte Bonk and their Mom Eva

Deziz World said...

Happy Birffday to them. Sowry fur yous loss.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Happy Birthday at the Bridge sweet kitties.

meowmeowmans said...

Happy belated birthday at the Bridge to sweet Skylar and Lydia.