Thursday, April 23, 2015

Therapy Cat Tales from Yesterday
Tabby writes:

Whoa, you mean I actually got the letter T on the right day?  Cool!  T is for Therapy, and for Tabby, and for Tale, and even for Thursday!  Paws up!

Yesterday, Mommy took me to visit my friends at H.  This means I got three outings in one week, two to the pet fair and one to H.!  When Mommy and Daddy said that I was going to visit my friends, I didn't really think they were telling the truth, but they were!  I'm way luckier than any of the other kitties in the household.

There was a little dog at the MAX light rail station.  She knew I was in the stroller, but couldn't see me because she was too little to look up that far.  She sniffed my carrier bag, which was on the ground, but I wasn't in that, either.  Her person asked if it was ok if she said hi to me, and Mommy told the person it would be ok.  The doggie grew up with a kitty and still looks for him every so often, but no other kitties want to play with her.  Other kitties run or swat.  I wouldn't do that to a friendly woofie!  She was very friendly, and even stepped around my tail instead of on it when she put her front paws in the stroller to sniff me.  We exchanged sniffs and I even let her snuffle in my shoulder fur!  Then her person said she had to get down again.  You're a nice woofie, Jessie doggie!

We had some extra time once we got to H., so Mommy sat with me on my favorite brown couch for a few minutes.  I was so happy to be there, I kept on giving Mommy leaning-hugs and asking for more pets!  She didn't take any pictures this time, because she wanted to be sure I knew what a good girl I was being.  Besides, she didn't think I would hold still for any pictures!

S. walked around with us for a little while this time, but then she had to go put up some flyers on a few of the other floors (and in the other building).  That was fine, because we can go visiting by ourselves.  S. did tell us about a toy poodle who goes visiting totally by itself in another facility!  That's pretty amazing!  I don't think I'd be brave enough to do that all by myself.  I'd much rather have someone on the other end of the leash!

We visited 6 or 7 friends, and some family members of those friends.  Two of them were new friends!  I always like seeing everyone, whether they are old friends, new friends, family members, or staff.  They're all friends to me!  We were coming out of one room when we got flagged down by the daughter of the neighbor.  Her mom loves all animals, so she wanted us to visit with her.  Yay!  At each of those rooms, I checked out the hurt knee (the opposite one for each of them) and purred for them.  All the humans said I was running my own CAT scan, because we kitties purr at the same frequency as a deep muscle tissue healing machine!  The ladies thanked me for purring for them.  I heard about Oscar the therapy cat, who's pretty amazing.  I'd heard about him before, and I still think he's amazing every time I hear about him sitting with people who are dying.  He's in another part of the country, but I follow his page on Facebook.

After those two ladies, I went to see some of my friends I've visited with before.  Some were there and some weren't.  Two friends were sleeping.  M. was sleeping also, but we woke her up because we knew that she wanted us to.  That's what she tells us to do, so we do it.  If they don't tell us it's ok, we let them sleep.  At A.M.'s room, there was a giraffe stuffed animal!  It was staring at me from beside her chair, so I stared back.  A.M. asked me if I wanted to say hi to it, so Mommy got it down and had it say hi to me.  I sniffed its face, then nosed it and gave it whisker kisses.  I looked down at its paws and saw that it had hooves instead!  I looked at Mommy and at A.M., and they said that giraffes don't have paws like kitties do.  I guess that makes sense, but I still think it should've had paws.  Even humans kind of have paws!

The little boy feral kitty was waiting for his dinner when we got back to the house.  He was lying on the deck with Tigress, but got up when Mommy opened the door to put food out.  I'm glad we got home in time to give him his dinner at the usual time!  I got to sniff at the door when it was open, put I sneezed in the little one's face.  I hope he doesn't hold that against me!


The Island Cats said...

We're so impressed with your therapy tales, Tabby. :)

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You had a very busy day spreading joy.

Summer said...

It sounds like you had an awesome day, Tabby! I'm so glad you bounced back so quickly from that dog attacking you at the Pet Expo - it just shows what a calm and resilient kitty you are!

Anonymous said...

What a fun therapy visit! I am going to visit the VA on Saturday. I must say, if there's a giraffe there, I might not be as brave as you were, T!

Love and licks,