Monday, April 20, 2015

Still Doin' the Q, and Answering Questions at the Pet Fair!
Carbon's still doin' the Q, just like our friend Monty Q!  A few years ago, Carbon joined many of our fellow cat bloggers to honor Monty with a "Doin' the Q" contest!  It was a lot of fun.  This picture from yesterday shows that Carbon's still in fine form, even at almost 10 years old.

Tabby writes:

I had a blast at the NW Pet and Companion Fair on Saturday and yesterday!  I saw many of my friends and family, and met some new friends.  I even got a new outfit from WildChild!  Mommy and I did a stage presentation about feline-assisted therapy and how to get started in animal-assisted therapy.  Mommy talked about how she trained me, and I demostrated how calm I am (by falling asleep on stage!) and showed off how I hug when being carried.  It was really fun!

There was a not-so-fun part, though.  A husky bit me when we first got there on Saturday!  It actually was going to carry me off somewhere, with a not-good ending.  *shivers*  The owner, who was on the other end of the leash, was 3 feet away and looking the other way, not paying attention to the tugging on the leash.  Mommy was pushing me in my stroller, and the husky charged the stroller, grabbed me behind the shoulderblades, and lifted me up a few inches!  Mommy charged the dog with a "Drop it now!" command, which the dog luckily obeyed the first time!  I was not hurt physically, and the bite did not break the skin.  The lady's comment when Mommy Cai confronted her?  "I didn't think anyone would bring a cat to a dog show!"  Mommy Cai responded, "It's a pet fair!" and pointed to the sign.  The organizers went after the lady after Mommy made sure that her dog had the proper vaccinations.  I was ok after about a half hour of snuggling and being petted.

One lady who attended our presentation may want to adopt Autumn!  And, if that weren't enough of a highlight, Jennifer at Spot Magazine wants to interview us later on this year about our work in animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activities!  Very cool!

Here's a video slideshow of our weekend!  We met up with Panther's Mommy Cai, Mommy Erin, Coriel, JJ, Erin's friend Amanda and her son Matthew, and Auntie Michelle McClintock and her brother on Saturday.  We also saw my birdie friend Athena from last year's fashion show!  On Sunday, we saw human Athena and her family, who are friends we know from Grammy's kitty blankets for the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.


The Island Cats said...

Carbon, you do the Q well. None of us do the Q.

Tabby, the pet fair looked like a lot of fun.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I am glad you are OK. That dog should have been muzzled.

Nerissa said...

A dog attacked you? MOUSES! That must have been so very scary for both you and your mum. Glad to hear that you weren't hurt, physically but still... Well glad to hear it all worked out in the end.


Colehaus Cats said...

Other than that dog and clueless dog owner at the Pet Fair, it looks like it was a good time. Thank goodness!

Summer said...

My human would go FERAL if a dog came anywhere near me unless she knew for sure it would be nice to me. She can't help herself - it's like a light switch. I'm so glad you were not hurt and that the attack did not spook you or upset you for very long. When we go to BlogPaws, I'm actually going to be in a sling unless we are in the Cat Lounge or somewhere with no dogs around - that way my human can hold me close and keep me safe.

People need to see more kitties like you out and about so they learn that cats can be social and that we can do a lot of good!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We remember the Monty Q activities. You're doing quite well.

Why don't people take responsibility for their pets when they are out and about? We've wondered about the mixture of dogs and cats at BlogPaws...

meowmeowmans said...

Tabby, we are glad you are okay! That owner was very, very irresponsible!

Carbon, good job doing the Q. Fine form!

imbrite2 said...

I had a dog bite once. It wasn't fun! Thank goodness you were fine. Meanwhile, you're practically famous - getting interviewed and all! Whoo-hoo!

Love and licks,