Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Norwegian Words
Tabby writes:

Today, I'm going to teach you a little of our other language:  Norwegian!  Mommy grew up in a trilingual household, learning English and Norwegian right away and German in high school.  Grandpa and Grammy speak/spoke all three.  Mommy now is a Norwegian language teacher for her job.  Heimdall regularly sits in on her Skype lessons, and I used to go with her to her in-person classes once in a while before the building said I couldn't.

Mommy and Daddy speak Norwegian to us regularly as some of our commands, and that's what I'll be teaching you today!  If you want, you can teach your purrents and use these at home, too.  It's fun to know a second human language!  When Grandpa comes over, he speaks Norwegian to us sometimes, too.

"Don't" is "ikke", and it's pronounced ick-uh.  This is used as a "no" command.
"Must not" is "må ikke" or "må'kke", and it's pronounced mow-ick-uh or mow-k-uh.
"You" is "du", and it's pronounced do.
"Lie down" is "legge deg", and it's pronounced leg-uh day.
"Sit" is "sitte", and it's pronounced sit-uh.
"Down" is "ned", and it's prounounced ned.
"Up" is "opp", and it's prononounced o-p.
"Come here" is "kom hit", and it's pronounced comb-heat.

So there's your Norwegian lesson for today, kitties!


The Island Cats said...

How fun that you get commands in another language!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Thanks for the lesson. No matter what language I say No and Don't in, they are going to ignore me :)

Summer said...

I will have to practice these with my human!

The Swiss Cats said...

We love to learn new languages ! Thank you for the lesson ! Purrs

Angel MoMo said...

Love this!
Gran spoke Chinese but she would give commands to me in English, except when she was very annoyed, :).