Friday, April 17, 2015

Feral Friday: Orangies Rule!
Sherbet writes:

Orangies rule!  At least I think so, because I'm one!  I rule my box, at least.  I love my carrier box, and I don't let anyone else poke their head or paws inside it.  If they do, they get hissed at or growled at.

I'm getting much braver now, too!  See me peeking out at Mommy?  She came to check on me, and I was watching her like this.  I hiss when she gets almost to the food, though, unless she has the food scoop.  I hiss at Daddy, too, when he gets close.  That doesn't stop them from coming in to talk to me, though, and I'm glad about that.  Grandpa was here last night, and I thought it was interesting that someone else was here!  I kept looking and looking at him while he was talking to me from the hallway!

I've even gotten brave enough now to come out of my carrier to eat, drink, and even use the litter box when the door is open!  Mommy surprised me the other day when she walked down the hallway.  I was out of the carrier, sitting on my side of the food plate, eating!  I ran back into my carrier when I saw her, though.  If the door's closed, I walk all around the room and even lie down in some places.  Mommy and Daddy can tell because I'm shedding, so they see orange fur where I've been!

A very scary but very funny thing happened earlier this week.  Mommy was getting some people fur from the top of the dressers next to me, when all of a sudden something black came flying off the dresser toward me!  I was watching her, and I hissed at the flying thing a few times, especially when it landed in my food plate!  Mommy was surprised, too, but then she started laughing.  It was one of Daddy's socks!  Freya came to investigate and wanted to take off with it, but it wasn't one of her socks so she couldn't have it.  Mommy got it off the plate and put it in the laundry hamper.  I'm glad it wasn't really a monster, but I'm glad to have hissed at it anyway!


The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Sherbert. I'm glad you're getting braver. I agree with you...orangies rule! ~Wally

Summer said...

Sherbet, it takes a while to get used to all these new things - especially socks!

meowmeowmans said...

Sherbet, we love oranges, too! We're glad you're feeling more secure and brave!

imbrite2 said...

I think you have a good security plan, Sherbet. Hiss first and ask questions later. Can't be too careful!

Love and licks,