Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blog Roll Call!

Blog Roll Call!  Who are we, and why do we blog?  If this is your first time visiting us, welcome!  We thought you might have some questions about us, so we'll answer some of the basics.

We are 13 cats who are all part of one household.  Some of us are biologically related, but most are not.  We are ages 9 1/2 to 1.  Some are fosters; most are forever part of this household.  If you search for us by name on our blog, you will find out more about each one of us.  The search is at the very top left of the blog.

We are named the PDX pride because we live in the Portland, OR, USA, metro area.  The "pride" part comes from being a group, like a pride of lions, even though the collective name for a group of cats is a clowder.  So, without further ado, here are our clowder members!

Rori is our alpha cat, even though she's one of the ones in the middle as far as ages go.  She is biological half-sisters with Little Bit.  She was adopted as a feral kitten, caught in the backyard of a neighbor's house when our purrents lived in Portland.

Carbon is our oldest, and he and Tabby are a week and a day apart but were adopted together as kittens from a cage at the feed store in Clatskanie, OR.

Tabby is a visiting therapy cat for nursing homes, and sometimes for other facilities.  She blogs about her experiences.  She knows a variety of commands, rides in a stroller, and walks on harness and leash.

Starla was adopted after being abandoned by neighbors at our Portland house.  She and Little Bit are biological cousins.  Starla is a scaredy-cat but has overcome a lot of her anxiety issues and is well-liked in the clowder.

Little Bit was adopted after being given to us by the neighbors who had originally had Starla.  Little Bit was a mama cat at the time, and we found homes for her four boys with other families.  Even though Little Bit is good-sized now, being half Maine Coon (her shared heritage with Rori through their dad cat), she was the runt of her litter, so that's where her name comes from.

Missy was adopted after being found outside Mommy's work, asking for help.  She was a feral, and was (and still is) kitten-sized, so our purrents were surprised when they found out she was a little over 2 at the time!  The area in which she was found is mainly industrial, so we think she didn't have much in the way of hunting grounds.  Daddy is her person.

Freya was adopted along with her littermate Heimdall from Salem Friends of Felines.  She is a tuxedo cat, but she's half-Siamese.  She loves to play with fuzzy things, and her favorites are socks!

Heimdall is Freya's brother.  Mommy is his person, and he lets everyone know it!  He's a tuxedo and half-Siamese as well.

Dare is one of our fosters.  She is a shy girl, but very sweet after you get to know her.  She's also very playful!  She was found by Mommy Erin when she was a kitten, so she was feral-born.  You would never know it now, though, except for the shyness!

Tigress is our semi-feral girl, and she is an inside-outside cat.  She was born across the field from our yard and her cat-parents brought her (along with her siblings) to eat on our deck when she was a kitten.  Our purrents trapped her, got her fixed and eartipped to mark her as a feral, and returned her to the backyard.  Now, she comes inside about half the time, socializes and plays with all of us, gets petted, and snuggles on chairs and the couch.

Panther is also a foster, although we are trying to integrate him back into the home where he was placed.  He didn't get along with one of the cats there, so we and his other human are trying reintroductions.  Panther was feral-born or left home when he was very small, because he showed up on our back porch one day.

Sherbet is our true feral.  He lives in one room, which he shares with the rest of us sometimes and at other times the door is shut.  He was T-N-R'd (trapped, neutered, returned) last December, but elected to stay inside rather than go back outside, much to everyone's surprise!

Autumn is our youngest and a foster.  She wrote yesterday's blog post, so you can read that to find out more about her.

Our humans are Daddy and Mommy (who is our typist and our usual photographer).  They take care of us equally, although we each have our favorite.  Our secondary humans are Mommy's dad, Mommy Erin, and Erin's son JJ.  They don't live here, but are around often enough for us all to interact well with them.


Pawesome Cats said...

13 is a very lucky number - thank you for giving so many kitties such a wonderful and loving home!

Summer said...

I'm so glad you did this - I wasn't sure how many of you there were, and your relationships to each other!

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Love this way to share more about your baker's dozen of lucky cats.

The Swiss Cats said...

We loved to learn more about you all ! Purrs

Angel MoMo said...

Didn't realise there were so many of you, even though I have been reading your blog for some time.

My cat has gone to the Bridge a few years ago but I still retain her blog account and use it to visit her furriends.

Flynn said...

I knew there were quite a few of you but not how many. It was interesting to read about all of you and your beginnings.

The Island Cats said...

We've following you for a long time and didn't realize there was 13 of you!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I didn't realize you had almost as many kitties as we do. The more the merrier :)