Saturday, February 23, 2013

Miss Marble's leg hurts

Miss Marble writes:

My right hind leg hurts!  I don't want to put weight on it, although I can.  Tonight, I came around to the front door when the back door wouldn't open, to see if there was someone at the front door of the house.  Mommy's dad's car was in the driveway, with Mommy and her dad inside.  They saw that I was limping, so Mommy got out and tried to get me.  I ran around the house, so she went inside and got me to come in through the back door.  She checked me over for obvious tears, bites, or breaks, but she didn't find any.  She and her dad brought the groceries in, because they had just come from the store, while I cried for outside.  Then, Mommy checked me over again, because I was stretching up to the door handle while standing on both my hind legs, but I still was favoring my right leg.

I didn't like her checking my leg.  I tried biting, tried batting her away, but neither very forcefully so I didn't hurt her.  I didn't want her to hurt, but I did want her to stop bothering my leg.  She stretched it out, then checked all the muscle groups and bones that she could touch.  The back of the top part of my leg is what I reacted to the most.

She called Daddy, who told her to monitor me.  He also said if I wanted to go out that much, to let me out.  I was kept inside for a while, but then I was let back out because I was putting everyone else on edge with my screaming for outside.  My sister and I were sitting on opposite sides of the back door, screaming to be with each other.  Mommy hopes I will come inside in a little while when it's time to snuggle with her, like I've been doing almost every night since my last ordeal.

Daddy thinks it's probably a strain or a sprain, and everyone is hoping that it will feel better on its own.  I don't want to go to that vet place again, even though they were nice to me there.


Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so sorry to hear about your ouchie leg and hope it will feel better soon.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We hope your leg feels better soon! If it's just a strain or sprain, all our vet will usually do is suggest that you be confined to a space where you won't run or jump, and it doesn't sound like you're going to give anyone any peace if you have that. So we hope it clears up on its own. Many purrs for you.

Sparkle said...

Paws crossed that you did nothing more than strain your leg, Miss Marble, and that it heals soon!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hope this is just a pulled muscle or something similar. Maybe you should stay inside and stay put for a while, Miss Marble. Give that leg a chance to heal on its own.