Monday, December 19, 2011

Miss Marble's Breakthrough!

Miss Marble writes:

I'm so cold out here, and I miss my mommy-cat.  Daddy-cat Tux and my sissy Striped Girl and I all huddle together in a kitty pile to be warm.  Hunting helps warm us up, too, but there's white, cold stuff on the grass that Daddy-cat calls frost.  He says it will get colder still before it warms up again.  Brrrrrrrr!

It's warm inside that house!  There is always heat radiating from the open door when the mommy leaves it open so I can play paws and touch noses with the inside kitties.  I like just sitting in front of the door even when it's not open, watching the inside kitties and being just a little warmer because of the heat from the glass-door.

Tonight, when the mommy came to feed me, I wanted to get a bath from Tabby.  I stuck my head and shoulders inside and purred very quietly while she groomed my head.  My front paws were inside!  I did it again with Freya, then touched noses with Rori, while the mommy watched.  Then, while Tabby reassured me with gentle headbutts, I walked inside all the way!  I greeted Tabby, Freya, and Rori, then explored the dining room a bit.  The mommy closed the door most of the way behind me, but I didn't know that.

The inside kitties were following me, sniffing me, and one of them was too close.  I think it was Little Bit, but I'm not sure about that.  All I knew was that I suddenly wanted back outside.  I flew toward the door, but I couldn't get through anymore.  I cried and jumped up the door, then ran down the hall as the mommy came toward me.  She opened the door a little more, so I could tell it was open if I came near it again.  Then, she went to see where I was.

I had run into the bathroom, because I remembered being in there when I was inside recovering from my spay a few months ago.  I was up on the window sill, but the window in there is permanently frosted over and wasn't open anyway.  The mommy talked gently and softly to me, asking if I would let her pick me up and take me to the open door.  I talked to her, still scared, but something in my eyes let her know it would be ok with me if she did that.  She petted me slowly and carefully, then gently picked me up and scruffed me.  She didn't hold me close, but held me securely enough so I didn't feel like escaping.  She carried me over to the door and set me down, still scruffed, then opened the door wide enough so I could get out.

I'm now sitting in the middle of the deck, collecting my thoughts about what just happened!  I'm not sure that it was bad, but I'm not sure that it was good, either.  The mommy and the inside kitties think that it's very brave and very good of me to come inside, and I think I'll decide that as well after I'm over the shock of everything!


Sparkle said...

Miss Marble, I think you are a very brave kitty! I hope you decide to come inside again - if you give it a chance, you will find out how nice it is to be there!

Eric and Flynn said...

You are a very brave little girl to go inside Miss Marble. It is getting very cold outside so try and be even braver still and see how nice, safe and warm it is to be inside all the time.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Miss Marble, wow!!! We think you're very brave too! We hope you'll decide that was a good thing, once the shock wears off. :-)

Way to go!!!

Prancer Pie said...

Miss Marble, we thinks you are making great progress. It won't be long now til you are an inside kitteh! Life will be easy!

Julia Williams said...

Miss Marble, I know it seems so scary to you because it's not what you are used to, but inside that warm home is a bunch of warm hearts just waiting to make sure you are never cold again! One day, I hope and purr that you understand.

meowmeowmans said...

Great job, Miss Marble. You are BRAVE! We sure hope you get even more courage, and decide that inside is where you want to be. That's our Christmas wish for you!