Friday, July 3, 2009

Foster Friday

Cloud writes:

I've learned where Foster Mommy sleeps! Yesterday, Squishy and I followed her after she used the human litter box, and she went into a room we'd never been in before. She climbed up this big white thing, so after a while when I wanted to snuggle I climbed it too. I found her feet, and walked on her until I got to her shoulder. She felt me, so she put her hand up to pet me. I settled right down for a snooze. After a bit, I wanted to cuddle under her chin like I do with Foster Daddy, but since she was on her side I couldn't. So I tried something different: sleeping on her head. Human hair is slippery! I slid off first one side, then the other. Foster Mommy laughed and kept me from sliding completely off, then put me up over her head on the pillow. I settled right down again and napped there for a while.

We all napped on Foster Daddy later on, all four of us tiny kittens!

I have a lady interested in adopting me! She is in L.A. at the moment, but she will get back around the time I'm ready for my new home. Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy will meet with her and see if she has a good home for me. I hope she does! She might also adopt one of my brothers (either Cousteau or Tabby Boy) to keep me company.

Tabby boy writes:

Our foster parents still haven't figured out a name for me yet. I'm such a little cuddle-bug and a licker. I snuggle with feet instead of climb up to them, and I love to groom anything and everything that moves that comes close (kittens, kitties, and humans). When I'm sleepy, I find someone's feet or I go cuddle with my brothers or my mama. If anyone has an idea of a name for me, I would appreciate it. Right now, I'm being called "Little Guy" and "Brother".

Boo writes:


(I typed that all by myself!)

Squishy writes:

I have two people who want to adopt me! Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy are going to schedule a home visit with the first lady in the next couple of weeks. If she looks like she has a good home for me, then I will go to her when I'm ready. If not, then they will meet with the second lady.

Cousteau writes:

I adventured into the bedroom as well, and met the big white cat who lives under the dresser. She didn't want me under there with her, so she backed out and hissed at me. Foster Mommy couldn't figure out who she was hissing at, so she took the bottom drawer out to see. I was all the way in the back corner under there, and Starla was curled halfway out trying to get away from me, growling very low! Foster Mommy says she doesn't quite know what we are, so she is afraid of us. How can she be afraid of little me? I wouldn't hurt her! I was just trying to see who she was! I went under there again, but Foster Mommy caught me and brought me out with my brothers.

Michelle writes:

Boo and I have had a lot of fun with the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll. It makes a funny sound, and we can bat it all over the living room!

Little Bit writes:

I'm working on weaning my kittens more and more each day. Squishy decided he wanted to play with me while I was feeding my smallest tabby boy, so I pinned him down and groomed him. That way, the little one could eat in peace. I'm letting everyone nurse still, but getting up and walking around after they're about half-done so they'll get the idea. I then lead them over to the food bowl. I'm letting the littlest one nurse more than the others, though. He needs it more than the others.

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