Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boo and Michelle have been adopted!

Boo and Michelle went on an extended home visit to their new home yesterday! Their new people have some questions (mostly because of having had a bad kitten experience before/feral kitten they didn't know was feral), so we're treating this like a trial period for now, but we think that once everyone settles in they'll love them so much that they'll decide to keep them. If not, then they'll come back to us.

From Boo:

Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy brought my sister and me to our new home this morning! We rode in the truck in a carrier bag, but didn't like it. We kept trying to get out, and Foster Mommy kept saying, "No." We got there early, so Foster Daddy and Foster Mommy let us out in the truck so that we could stretch and explore (and relax).

Our new people were out getting the last of the supplies they needed for us. When they came back, they parked next to the truck. When our new lady saw us, she knew exactly who we were and smiled!

Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy brought us inside and handed us to our new family. They liked us right away! They petted and held us for a while, then set us down so we could explore. We could smell that there had been another animal there, but couldn't tell exactly what it was. The people said it's something called a ferret. We've never met a ferret. We followed its scent trails all around the house. I went up the stairs and got lost, so I called out to the humans. The lady came and got me, carrying me back downstairs. She said I was in the teenage girl's room. All I knew was it was somewhere I didn't recognize.

Our new people are happy to have us here, but still getting used to us. That's fine, because we're still getting used to them! It will take a bit to settle in. Michelle already wanted to play-bite, during the visiting time, and both of us tried scratching the couch. We're kittens, so that's normal for us to try. We didn't get very far, though. These people know to snap their fingers to teach us what to not do, just like our foster parents did.

From Foster Mommy:

Their Catster pages are still being kept by us until this adoption's permanent. You can visit Boo here and Michelle here.


Eric and Flynn said...

We have never seen a ferret but mum said it is similar to a stoat. We have seen them by the stream sometimes.We hope you and your new people all get on well together so you can be adopted.

Cory said...

Good luck in your new home Boo and Michelle! We will purr that it works out and this is your forever home.

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

As someone who has all rescued animals, there is nothing brighter and more happy than to hear about little ones or old ones going into a fur-ever home. Thanks so much for sharing.

The Creek Cats said...

This is so fabulous! We wish Boo and Michelle lots and lots of luck in their new home! Yay!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

YEAH for Boo and Michelle. I hope that they have happy and wonderful forever homes.

Karen Jo said...

This is great news. I am so happy that Boo and Michelle got along so well with their new parents.

Baby Patches said...

Pawsome news, I is sures dey will luvs you guys and want to keeps you!