Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Another kitten has learned how to climb out of the box! It's the other tabby kitten. He/she climbed out yesterday morning, and had a good walk around the kitchen and living room. She even played with a zip tie! The others are trying their best to get out, too. The black one made it to the top of the box, only to come face-to-face with Rori. The kitten quickly backed down; I don't think it was expecting a giant cat to be there!

We're not sure of the sex of three of the kittens, but the first one to climb out (on Monday) is definitely a boy. It's tough to tell when they're so small.

Rori's taken quite an interest in the tiny babies. Whenever one is trying to climb, she's right there watching. I think she thinks of herself as a second mommy to them, so she's stepping into the auntie role quite well.

Starla has decided it's ok now to zoom out from the bedroom dresser to the living room couch now, making a stop at the litter box on the way. She is followed by the older kittens, of course, so we put special food and water bowls under the dresser for her.

Speaking of the older kittens, Michelle and Boo now are playing chase and toys with Tabby. We see and hear them running all around the house three or four times a day! The favorite game for the three of them is to run from the hallway through the living room to the kitchen, at which point Tabby jumps up on the dishwasher and the little ones skid to a halt just before the door, looking up at her until she jumps down to start the game again.


Katie and Da Katz said...

Sweet Update!! I will watch Daisy's babies!
I made them a larger box to play in to help with their curiosity. So far only Harlee - the smallest! -- has figured out there is life outside of their kitten condo!

Daisy doesn't like them out of the box yet! She puts them back in if I have them out!!

I still have to kitten proof my bedroom... Unfortunately my other kitties aren't much on nurturing... Maxie is too rough and Katie hisses at the box...

Katie Kat aka the Big Mom

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh sweet! And that is so sweet of Rori to be a second Momma cat.

catsynth said...

It sounds like those kittens are growing quite fast.

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for the update...those little kittens are so smart! And getting bigger by the minute!