Friday, June 26, 2009

Foster Friday

We're just going to let the pictures and video speak for themselves today! Little Bit's kittens are growing so fast, and the two older kittens are enjoying the company and trying to play with the little ones as well as everyone else.


Carbon with Boo and Michelle


Little Bit's babies are eating the crumbs from the big kitty dry food now! They're still suckling too, but being weaned well. The ones who are eating the dry food are learning how to drink water out of the bowl by watching the rest of the crew. This morning, Mommy got woken up by Rori and the bigger kittens trying to tell her something, and came out to the kitchen to find Skylar with his best "What's going on?" look. The kitten pictured above was sitting in the food bowl eating! So now there is that bowl with the crumbs, and another one with the regular-sized pieces for the adults and older kittens.

We have figured out the sexes of all but the tiny black kitten. The others are three boys.

Daddy has cut a door in the nesting box now, and the kittens are taking full advantage of their freedom: running around the house, sleeping in the cherry bed, and following everyone (cats and humans). Little Bit still prefers to nurse in the box, but will let them suckle elsewhere if she's already sitting down.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Little Bit is too CUTE!!!

Cory said...

Very cute, that Michelle is a total doll!