Monday, February 2, 2009

I went someplace!

Smokey the foster kitten here, to tell you about my great adventure last evening! I've been begging and begging to go outside, and finally Foster Mommy said I could! But she wanted to put me in the carrier to go out. I didn't want to go in there, but she said that was the only way she was letting me out, and I was going to go with her to her class. Well, I didn't know what a "class" was, but I knew I wanted to go somewhere, so I let her put me inside the carrier.

First we walked down the street. I thought ok, I've been here before, what's so great about this. We walked by where the bunnies were, and then I started really looking around. I'd never been this far down the road before! We actually crossed the road! We waited a bit, then a big scary monster came and picked us up. Foster Mommy said it's called a "bus". It spit us out after a bit, then we waited for another "bus" to come chomp us.

Waiting for the bus. I want out to explore!

Ewww! Why do humans leave cigarette butts on the sidewalk? Why do they smoke at all?
Those cars are loud, but I want to see them!

Finally we were at "class". It was a big building with carpet and lots of new people. They all spoke a funny language I didn't understand, and Foster Mommy was the leader. She says it's called "Norwegian". She let me out of the carrier, and I walked around on the table then explored the room. A couple times during class, I hopped back on the table for pets from Foster Mommy or to look at all the other people and say hi. I also took a nap on a chair for a while.

After class, I jumped up on the piano to investigate it. Then we went on the "bus" monster again, back home. I knew when we were almost home, and started to get very wiggly inside the carrier. Foster Mommy didn't let me out until we were inside, though. I went right over to the food bowl to eat, because I was hungry from all that adventuring!

P.S. Foster Mommy says she made an appointment for my spay. She says Starla and I are going in on March 4th.


Parker said...

Wow! That was quite a big adventure!

The Island Cats said...

You got to ride in a bus??!? Hope you enjoyed your adventure!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

A ride on a bus! Wow, what an aciting advenchure.