Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I tricked Smokey! hahahahahaha

Rori says:

Boy, did I have fun! Smokey loves playing with balls, but sometimes it gets tiring just to watch her. Sometimes I join in, but she always hogs the toys when she wants to play. I found a way to defeat her, though! She was playing with a blue puffy ball, and Mommy threw it for her. Well, it landed in a corner right next to our "Bizzy Kitty" puzzle. I ran over to get it, picked it up in my mouth, and promptly put it in the puzzle box! Then, Smokey had to try to get it out of there before she could actually play with it. I sat on top of the box, watching her, and it was a full five minutes before she managed to get it out. Too fun! I kept looking over at Mommy, and she swears I was laughing!

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