Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's officially mating season here

From the sounds and sights outside, the Trailer Kitties are ready for mating season. Neighbor kitty Boo-Boo is in heat, and Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, the black big-head kitty, and the white and orange big-head kitty are following her. Starla is not in heat yet, as far as we know. Smokey is inside and being put in the bedroom whenever the outside door is opening, because she's in heat as well.

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) said in its last newsletter that many of the females being brought in now are in heat already. Please, please, people, spay and neuter your cats! We are trying to find places to get everyone but Boo-Boo fixed. Since BB techinically is our neighbor's cat, we have no control over her in that regard. (Mommy wishes we could just scoop her up and fix her too, though.)

Mommy wrote a new article on HubPages with tips for fostering kittens. If it helps even one kitten, she says it's worth it.

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