Friday, January 30, 2009

Feral Friday by the Trailer Kitties

Food bowl rollcall for this week: Outdoor Fluffy Buddy, Starla, Shadow, white kitty with orange spots, orange kitty from down the street, Little Bit, SpongeBob, the black big-headed kitty, Carbon's lookalike kitty with the red collar.

It snowed on Tuesday, but melted by the afternoon.

Fluffy Buddy sniffed outstretched hands from both the humans this week, at different times. The lady thought she'd try touching him, and got hissed at. Fluffy Buddy ran to the safety of the shelf on the porch and turned his back on her. He came right back to eat from the bowl, though.

Smokey is outside at the moment. She escaped out the door when the man went to do laundry, and is playing a game with the people. She says hi, then runs off to play with her cousin Starla. When she wants in again, she'll let the people know by jumping at the door. She's going to be in trouble, though! We heard them talking about a bath for her once she gets back inside!

Updated: 1:03 am
Our raccoon friend is back! We just looked out the door and there he was! He's a nice raccoon, though. He doesn't pick fights, and he eats out of the bowl and takes his turn with the kitties.

Updated: 1:55 am
Smokey's back inside now. She went running up to the man when he went to check on the laundry, so she got scooped up and put back in the house. The lady washed her paws, and she screamed about it, but is very happy to be inside again.


The Island Cats said...'s fun to be outside for a little bit...but inside is much better...and warmer!

The Creek Cats said...

We also have an "orange kitty down the street" who frequently visits us! Visitors are nice, especially when they have homes of their own!
Smokey, sorry about the paw bath!

Cory said...

This is sounding so familiar! We usually get a crowd of visitors in the spring and summer, but not in the winter so much.