Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Birthday at the Bridge to Skylar & Lydia!

The PDX pride Mommy writes:

Happy birthday to my two half-Siamese loves!  I will never forget you two and the joy you brought to everyone's lives.  I know that your first family, the Rich family, loved you both very much and were sad to leave you.  They made sure that you were in good hands, and I feel so blessed that I was chosen as your adoptive family!  Skylar, remember how we used to garden together, you eating tomatoes and leaving pawprints in the soft dirt?  And how you would run to greet me when I came home from work, walking me to my door, talking to me the whole way?  Remember when you ran away and the neighbor girls found you, carrying you back to where I was staying at a friend's house?  I am so grateful that you chose me before your first family chose me.

Lydia, remember how you were so upset and mad at moving that you messed up the futon?  How you absolutely loved to play with your feather wand?  I will never forget the first time you woke me up by looking into my eyes and touching your nose to mine.  Or when you snuggled in my arms with your head resting under my chin and one ear around my nose while I slept.  Your daddy will always remember when he was recovering from his knee surgery and woke up to find you lying on his legs looking at him, telling him you would be there through everything and take care of him.

We love you and miss you both every day!  Thank you for the years you both spent with us.  Your legacy lives on in the happy lives of the rest of the cat family whom you knew, loved, and raised:  Tabby, Carbon, Rori, Starla, and Little Bit.  Your legacy works through them to manifest itself in the care and training of each of our other cats, whether they are part of our forever family or fosters.  It never mattered to either of you if someone was a foster or a forever; you loved them just the same:  completely, with your whole hearts.  You both took it upon yourselves to teach, love, nurture, and train the other cats, and became honorary auntie and uncle to them all.


Prancer Pie said...

::Whisker Kisses:: being sent on this birthday at the Bridge. xoxo

The Indulged Furries said...

What a lovely tribute. It's always heartwarming to look back at the love & joy our previous pets brought us and to know that they are never really gone from our lives.

Sparkle said...

Purrs to you today. I hope there are more smiles than sadness in your memories.

Kjelle Bus said...

Happy Birthday to Skylar & Lydia at the bridge <3