Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Missy had surgery and Heimdall took a stroller ride!

Missy writes:

When I became part of this household, my purrents took me to the vet to have them search for a spay scar.  The vet couldn't find one.  In the two years since then, I've exhibited most of the signs of an intact female, so my purrents scheduled a spay for me.  They brought me in Monday night, because our vet is a 24-hour clinic.  The vet called when I was under anesthesia and being shaved, because I did have a very small scar that could have been a spay scar.  The vet gave my purrents two options.  1.  No incision, do vaccinations, and pick me up after I'd recovered from the anesthesia.  2.  Make the incision and check if my organs were there, do vaccinations, and pick me up after I'd recovered from the anesthesia.  I know some of you may think this was the wrong decision, but my purrents agreed that they would do option #2 because of my behaviors.

The incision was made, and I had, indeed, already been spayed.  I woke up later on to a bunny in my cage.  Not a real one, MOL!  A fuzzy stuffed animal bunny that had my purrents' smells on it!  The clinic gives them to patients who have to stay for a while, and has the patients' families hug and hold the stuffed animal so the smell transfers.  Then we have something nice and familiar to wake up to when we're recovering!

Daddy came and picked me up after I'd recovered, eaten something, gotten checked, and had my pain medicine.  I got to take the fuzzy bunny home with me, and Freya loves it!  Everyone has been checking on me during the day, taking turns being close to me.  I was up on the table at one point, and Freya hopped up to touch noses with me.  I wasn't sure what she was doing, but she sat down and made friendly noises.  Mommy went to pet both of us so that I felt more comfy.  Later on, Heimdall did the same thing after Freya hopped down.  When I was waiting in line to eat, Heimdall sat by me, then ate from the other plate when I ate.  It's nice to know that I'm so loved!

Heimdall writes:

I took a stroller ride!  I love riding in the stroller inside the house, and always hop in it for a ride after Tabby gets home from her visits.  That's always been inside the house, though.  I've only once gone outside in the stroller, and I got so scared that Mommy brought me right back inside.  That was a couple years ago, though.

Mommy's been taking walks every day, going a few blocks down the street and back.  Today she decided to take me with her in the stroller!  She brought it out and I hopped in.  Then she zipped it up, which I wasn't expecting but that was ok with me.  When she took me outside, I chirped at her, but she reassured me and explained we were going to walk down the street and then back home.  I tried to get out of the stroller until we passed the house next door.  A butterfly flew by then, so I got excited about what I was seeing!  Wings!  I didn't know wings were out here!  I also didn't know the cars and trucks stayed on their path, called a road.  I saw, heard, and felt a train go by as well!

When we got back inside, my purrents praised me and gave me lots of pets.  I'm so proud I got to go outside in the stroller for a walk!  Mommy says she might take me out again in a few days!  I've been even more alert for the rest of the day, so she knows that I'm happy with my adventure.


Sparkle said...

Missy, my human would have done the same thing - she thinks it is better to be safe, and also to check that everything that needed to be removed, was.

Heimdall, I don't know if I would like being in a stroller!

The Paw Relations said...

We think your parent made the right decision.

We're not to sure about the stroller though.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Missy, we agree, our human would have done the same thing. Definitely better to be safe than sorry.

And Heimdall, we'd freak in a stroller, so we think you're brave!

meowmeowmans said...

We think your parents did the right thing. It's better to be safe than sorry!

We think our angel cat Sammy might have liked taking stroller rides. But Moosey probably would not enjoy it very much.