Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Therapy Cat Tales

Tabby writes:

I had a very good day today, in spite of the pouring rain.  I was very glad for my rain jacket and my umbrella, which Mommy held over my stroller so that I didn't get very wet.  Some of the drops came through, but not many.

I slept most of the way to H., except for when we boarded the MAX.  I don't like the sound the MAX makes and the vibration when it comes.  We had extra time, so we walked almost a mile instead of riding the second MAX.  It was in-between cloudbursts, so we were pretty dry for the walk.  The roses were beautiful and smelled good, but I didn't want to get close to them.  I was still waking up.

S. walked around with us for our visit.  The first person we saw on our floor was A., who just lights up whenever he sees me.  He calls me "My Kitty", and you can tell it has capitals from the way he says it!  "Hi, My Kitty," he says as he pets me and scritches my chin.  I actually got to visit with him twice, because he was downstairs later when we went down there to find someone else.

A.M. has become one of my favorite people to visit.  She always lets me sit on her lap, and doesn't care how I lie down or sit on her.  I wanted to curl up on her bed, but Mommy wouldn't let me.  I decided I would settle down against her leg, and she loved that.  She kept laughing, saying, "This old lady loves you."  Yep, I know, and I love her back!  I purred for her, kneading away, with my head on her knee and my eyes closed while she stroked my jowls.  Pure contentment!

I wanted to stay with A.M. for longer, but there were others to visit with.  We went downstairs, where the social hour was just getting over.  That's where A. was for my second visit with him.  S., B., E., and another friend were down there as well.  I got more pets and demonstrated some of my commands for them, because they hadn't seen me do any of those before.

After we were done at H., Mommy took me to a new place.  It's called C.  Someone at H. who used to live at C. told us that they might want me to visit over there, so we dropped by to see.  We walked in to the lobby and were greeted with smiles and pets for me, with questions for Mommy about me.  The people behind the desk were very nice, but I wasn't allowed to go behind the desk to make it easier for them to pet me.  They called the nurses to find out who would like a visit from me and got one reply.  When we got to the room, the lady and her daughter-in-law welcomed us in.  I got up on the lady's bed while they both petted me.  I said hi to them, then settled down against the lady's leg and side, snuggling in so that she'd know I was there.  I listened to them tell about raising baby squirrels, rescuing a kitten who growled like a tiger, and other fun kitty stories.  I love to hear about other kitty families!  The lady would like me to visit her regularly, so we'll try to do that each time after we go to H.


meowmeowmans said...

Oh, we SO love coming here, and reading about how you bring such joy to those you visit. You are doing such beautiful work. Thank you!

Sparkle said...

It sounds like you had a really nice visit, Tabby! Whenever I see one of your therapy visits in my reader, I always get excited!

Angel MoMo said...

Looks like you had a good day and made a lot of people happy. Bless you!

The Lee County Clowder said...

That sounds like a nice day, Tabby.

We're wondering. Is it a lot of work to qualify as a Therapy Cat?