Thursday, April 18, 2013

Therapy Cat Tales from 4/17/13

Tabby writes:

I celebrated Earth Day early on my visit yesterday!  The bandana I'm wearing says "Canines for Clean Water" as a reminder that everyone needs to pick up after their pets when they are out.  Please always bring a roll of poop bags with you so that you're ready to clean up after your pet, regardless of species.  Thank you!  If you are a resident of Clark County, Washington, your pet can join the campaign here.

A little girl on the bus called me a "meow-pup"!  She was about 14 months old, and can say a few words.  She thought I was a puppy, so her mommy and my mommy were correcting her.  Then she saw I was a kitty and said "kitty" while petting me.  After she was done petting me, she said "pup-pup" again and got corrected again.  Her mommy said, "What does a kitty say?"  "Meow!"  The little girl then looked at me and said, quite clearly, "meow-pup".

Mommy and I did a photo shoot at H., just an informal one, using the ladies' lounge as a backdrop.  We think the pictures turned out really well, and the staff want Mommy to send some to their publicity director to use in newsletters.  I was mugging for the camera, as you can see!  I always pose for the camera when I see one.

After the pictures, we went into the office to see R.  She wanted to see the pictures, so Mommy took out her camera and I immediately posed again.  R. laughed and looked at the shots.  I got bored, so I asked R. to pet me.  She really got a kick out of that, and had me ask her a few more times, petting me a lot each time I did so.  I love showing off!

S. went with us on our rounds for a few people, then V. took over because S. had to leave for the day.  V. told us that my friend who had talked coherently to me but not to the humans last visit had died.  We were very sad to hear that, because we were looking forward to visiting more with her.  E. was very talkative today, though, and another V. told me that I was the best company she'd had all week!  D. meowed at me again.  I always think it's so funny when people do that!  I just watch them and smile.

My best visit today was with a surprise friend.  When I went into M.'s room, Mommy noticed the name on the door.  She started smiling, let me have as much leash as I wanted, and walked in behind me.  "Hello, stranger," she said.  M. looked up, surprised, after greeting me, and said Mommy's name.  She is someone Mommy knows from her former church!  They've known each other since 2002, but hadn't seen each other for a few years since we'd moved to Vancouver and Mommy had changed churches.  They caught up with each other while I snuggled on M.'s bed behind her (but still where I could get petted occasionally).  Then, M.'s husband and son came to visit her, followed closely by M.'s pastor!  It was a good first day at H. for M.

Daddy was running errands in Portland, so he came and picked us up in the car.  I hadn't ridden in the car since the deer hit us a while ago, because it was getting repaired.  I was very nervous about getting into the car, because I remembered the deer, but Daddy reassured me that there were no deer around to run into us again.  I snuggled on Mommy's lap while Daddy drove.  I think it's very interesting that the cars take turns getting on the freeway.  Did you know they do that?  The lights give the cars turns and they wait in line.  I just figured that out today!  I sat up very tall and turned my head to indicate which car was going to go next.  Mommy and Daddy laughed and told me I was correct!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We think you would be an excellent map reader for your Daddy and make sure he doesn't drive too fast!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cherry City Kitties said...

We don't ride in the car much, but mom and dad have to watch out for those deers all the time. Sometimes we see them outside our window, but we're safe.
You sure have a great job. We know those people must really like to see you!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

Sparkle said...

It sounds like you had a great visit, Tabby - and how cool that your human saw someone she knew!

meowmeowmans said...

Tabby, we think you are the coolest! We love how you spread so much joy.