Thursday, January 3, 2013

Miss Marble's taking the transition well.

Miss Marble writes:

My purrents say I'm taking the transition well, whatever that means.  I want out of the carrier to walk around the house, and am very vocal about my wishes, but I'm not clawing this box up trying to get out.  I did for the first hour, but not since then.

When Mommy went to pick me up at the hospital last night, the tech said I was a very good patient.  I purred at the people when they walked near my cage, at the hospital food, and was generally a good girl for them.  The tech wondered why I like being petted while I eat, though, so Mommy explained that it was a technique they used to socialize me and are using to socialize my sister.  That made total sense to the tech!

I got sent home with three medicines, and took them all this morning from Mommy while Daddy watched.  I was drinking water and peeing normally last night before the humans went to sleep.  When they woke up to check on me and give my meds, I'd peed again, had more water to drink, and had eaten most of my saucer of dry food!  Yay!

I took my medicines like a champion, even the one that made me foam at the mouth.  It has an icky taste, but then I got one after it that had a good taste so I didn't complain.  I get meds three times a day (two of them, one is twice a day) for a week, then go back to be looked at again.  I'm having watery discharge instead of poop, but the tech said that will be normal for the first couple days.  It should slowly go back to regular as my system adjusts again.

Thank you all for the continued purrs!


Katie and Da Katz said...

Purrz fur you Miss Marble! Plz keep getting weller!

Katie Too and the Katz Gang.

Sparkle said...

You are doing a great job of getting better, Miss Marble! I am continuing to purr for you - that was quite a nasty thing you had to go through.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Great job getting better, Miss Marble. We're purring for you.