Friday, January 4, 2013

Miss Marble has exercise jailbreaks!

Miss Marble writes:

Yesterday I got to have three supervised jailbreaks for exercise!  After the first one, my legs were very wobbly and I had to take a long nap in the carrier.  The second one went much better, and on the third one I was walking almost normally!  I still have that mucous coming out of my rear end, though, so Mommy follows me with a wipe or a soft, dry washcloth so I don't leak everywhere.  I even got to sniff my sister and talk with her through a crack in the door on my last jailbreak!  She and I were so glad to be able to smell each other, but we wanted to greet each other properly.  Our purrents said that we can't yet, though.

I took my medicines well again, plus I was very well-behaved for my pee pad changes.  I'm eating my dry food and drinking my water.  My pee looks and smells normal, but I hate that I have a pee pad instead of a litter box or dirt.  I yell, then someone changes my pee pad and cleans me up as much as possible.  They can't do too much to my rear end, because of my stitches, but they can clean around those.

Mama Freya bopped me on the head on one of my jailbreaks, but she was nice to me on the next one.  I don't know why she bopped me on the head, but my purrents think it's because I smell of pee and medicine.  I'd just taken my medicines.  I'm glad she licked my head the next time!  Maybe she didn't realize who I was?


Sparkle said...

It sounds like you are making great progress, Miss Marble! I hope all our purrs are helping you heal quickly!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Sounds like you're healing up and making good progress. We hope it continues so that you can make supervised jailbreaks more often!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hang in there, Miss Marble. You'll feel better soon.


meowmeowmans said...

Miss Marble, we are glad you are making progress. We are purring and praying for you, sweet one!