Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and new housemates!

We are very thankful for food, family, a home, friends, and our purrents.  We have extended family living with us now, because Erin and JJ have moved in with us for a while, bringing their cats Smokey (who has already been here for a few weeks), Scamper (JJ's cat), Dare, and Watson.

Scamper writes:

Hi!  I'm Scamper!  You may remember seeing me on this blog before, because Karen and Scott took Mommy and my boy to get me.  I was also the kitty who had the photo shoot in Salem.  I'm all grown up now!

Watson writes:

Hello, I'm Watson.  I'm an inside-outside kitty.  Mommy saw me at a pet store and saw that I was slated to be put to sleep.  She couldn't stand the idea of that, so she adopted me.  Since she probably will not be able to have more than two cats at a new apartment when she gets a new apartment, I will be Scott's parents' kitty in a couple weeks.  I'll get to live on a farm!

Dare writes:

Hello?  I'm a shy, scaredy kitty just over a year old.  Mommy found me under a bush in the parking lot of her apartment building and got me out, bringing me inside to live with her.  I bonded with her ex-boyfriend, but then he abandoned me.  I've been at this new house for about three weeks, and am just now letting Mommy Karen and Daddy Scott pet me.  I'm even letting Mommy Karen pick me up!  I still love Mommy (Erin) more, though!  I may need to go to a new home, because I think only Scamper and Smokey are going with Mommy and JJ when they find a new home.  But that won't be for a while yet, because we all need to get settled here first.  Mommy needed to move for her job, which is why we all moved here.  I'm very thankful for everyone here and for this place to live.


Eric and Flynn said...

Nice to meet you all. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you.


Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to your new housemates!!

The Florida Furkids

The Island Cats said...

Hello to your new housemates! We hope you are all having a nice Thanksgiving!

meowmeowmans said...

Yay for your new housemates! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Happy Thanksgiving and how nice to meet your new housemates.

Sparkle said...

I hope you kitties had a great Thanksgiving and I bet you are all grateful you have a roof over your heads! Nice to meet you!