Thursday, October 6, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 10/05/11

Tabby writes:

I have been visiting, but haven't been writing about it because I've been busy taking care of Daddy.  His back is really hurting him.  Something about a crushed disc.  Is that a cat toy?  I have a disk that I like to play with.  Is it similar?  Whatever it is, it's hurting Daddy so he wants it out of his back but can't have surgery yet.  I snuggle on the couch with him and purr to help him feel better.

Mommy and I went visiting to H. today.  It's fall here now, after a short summer, so it's rainy again and starting to get colder.  I wore my fleece raincoat that I got last year, and people on the bus liked it!  I met two new bus drivers today, and one had never seen a stroller like mine before.  She had to call C-Tran to see if it was approved to be on the bus, and of course they said it was.  One bus rider was mean, though.  She thought someone had pooped on the bus, then she covered her nose with her scarf and walked to the middle of the bus, loudly complaining.  Everyone else on the buses were very, very nice to me and to Mommy, though, and some even told her about their cats!  We love hearing stories about other people's kitties.  Today, we heard about a litter of kittens that were born in February a few years ago, on a deck to a first-time mama cat.  The cat's human saw the newborn kittens, picked all of them up, and took them inside to rub them warm and feed them.  All of them survived, but some of them had brain damage.  Another person told us about a kitten that his roommate almost ran over with the lawnmower!  The roommate stopped the mower as soon as he saw movement, picked up the kitten, and brought it inside.  The now-grown cat now freaks out at different things, but is a good cat.  I'm glad people were so nice to those kittens!  That makes me purr with happiness.  :)  >^..^<

At H. I saw my friend T. and met a friend of hers who had come to visit her.  Her friend didn't stay long, because she didn't want to interrupt my visit with T., even though Mommy told her that we were only going to be visiting for a few minutes.  T. was singing and talking to me, and I was lying very nicely on her walker seat, my favorite place when I visit with her.  I didn't even roll off this time!

B. was delighted that I visited with her today, and gave me ear rubs while smiling the biggest smile I'd ever seen from her!  S. came down from the next floor up just to see me, and said that I was the highlight of her day.  I met a new lady who had fallen a few days ago and needed some extra care to heal.  She had a very strange towel that I didn't like.  It was rolled up and duct-taped together!  Mommy said it was to help the lady's ankles.  I didn't want to lie down on the bed until Mommy picked up the strange towel and let me sniff it, explaining to me what it was.  Then it was fine to be on the bed.  G. is another new friend who had a crocheted blanket over her.  I hopped right up on that blanket and snuggled in, very relaxed, and let her pet me for a while.  I could tell she loves animals, although she said she prefers dogs.  She did say that I was the nicest kitty she's ever met, and that made me purr even louder and longer for her!  She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, too.

One of my friends, I., wasn't there today.  We go to her apartment to visit her, on another floor.  When we got to her door, S. knocked but there was no answer.  S. opened the door and peeked in, and I. wasn't there!  Why wasn't she there?  S. closed the door and I hopped out of my stroller.  Walking over to the door, I put my nose right up to the crack between it and the frame and sniffed, trying to look in.  I looked at Mommy, then at S., then back at the door, and sat down, very disappointed.  Mommy picked me up and told me that I. was probably out on an adventure.  Not fair!  I wanted to visit with her!  I got back in my stroller, curled up, and pouted.  :(

When Mommy was signing us back out, I ran as fast as I could to catch up with and pass S. so that I could get into the office to say hi to R.  I made it to the door before S. did!  I can run very fast when I want to, even though I'm a big girl!  I said hi to R., but I can't stay long in the office because she's allergic to me now.  At least I got to see her, though!

On the bus home, we met a very nice family with three girls.  I was playing peek-a-boo with the almost-2-year-old!  She was funny!  It started raining just as we were walking the last bit of the way to the house, but Mommy let me walk along the side of the house anyway because that part was dry.  I rode the sidewalk part, though, where I usually walk.  I stepped in a puddle and made wet paw prints on the sidewalk in front of the house!


Prancer Pie said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. We bet a long snooze was needed after that adventure!

Sparkle said...

I always love hearing your therapy stories, Tabby!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That was quite rude of that bus driver. You are very brave to go out and about like that.

meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for sharing about your day with us, Tabby! We love your therapy tales, too!