Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Therapy Cat Tales from 3/9/11

Tabby writes:

Yay, visiting day again!  I've missed visiting, but now our new schedule's figured out.  We'll be going every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from now on.  Today was our first time there on a Wednesday, so we got to meet some different staff members, including the receptionist!  :)

On our way to H., our friend Erin called and said she was downtown Portland, so we stopped off to meet her when we passed through downtown.  She gave me some chin scritches and talked to Mommy and me, then she went to take a bus and we went shopping for a few minutes.  We didn't find anything interesting to buy, though.  A couple people in the store stopped to talk to me, and there was one unhappy human kitten who screamed.  I gave her a LOOK, wondering why she was screaming, but she didn't see me.

When we got to H., I went up to the office door and one of my friends let me in while Mommy was signing us in and getting her nametag.  Then she came and found me, checking out the mini-putting green that had appeared in one of the office rooms!  Weird grass that's not grass, and does NOT taste like it, either!  I made a face and meowed loudly.  R. watched me for a few minutes while Mommy took care of a red, drippy nose.  Mommy has been sick, so her nose had a red drip because of blowing it so often, but she felt better today (or else we would have stayed home).  Then, we got our list of people to visit and off we went!

We were a little later than usual, because of our new schedule, but more people were awake this time, so I was happy about that.  G. and T. were sitting in chairs with an empty chair in the middle, so Mommy sat in the empty chair and I took turns being petted by all three of them, walking across Mommy to visit with each of the other ladies.  I even let T. hold my leash!  She loved that, of course.  After a while, M. came in, so I headed over to her and sat on her lap for a few minutes.  Then, I wanted to go see who else I could visit.  First thing I saw when I went out of the room, however, was a recliner rolling down the hallway!  It scared me!  Wheelchairs, walkers, medical equipment, strollers, shopping carts, all those are fine.  I know all those roll.  But a recliner chair????  No, thank you!  Mommy called me over to her and we watched the chair from a safe distance until it got to the room it was going to.  Then we went down a different hallway, in the opposite direction.

I met a few new friends, and even some family members!  I love meeting new friends, and they usually love meeting me.  No exception today!  I heard about one lady's cat that she had to find a new home for.  She said I looked just like her kitty, so I curled up next to her on the bed and purred for her, snuggling in against her side.  Then, she said I felt just like her kitty, too, and I helped her fall asleep for her naptime.  :)  >^..^<


Sparkle said...

I love reading about your therapy visits, Tabby! But when my human reads with me, sometimes her heart breaks a little because she knows some of these humans must really miss their kitties.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad you are getting settled into the new schedule! New friends are great!