Friday, March 25, 2011

Feral Friday: Introductions

Tuxedo writes:

Hi, friends!  I'd like to introduce three other ferals who have been coming to eat at the deck, too.  Their names are Leopard, Snow, and Laura.  All of us have been coming for a little over a year now, at least, and we're not telling if we came before the new people moved in here and food started appearing.

Leopard writes:

Hello, I'm Leopard.  I don't really like the humans to see me, so the she-human had to take this picture from very far away.  That's why it's blurry!  I'm a male tabby with stripes and spots, with medium fur.  I don't like the inside kitties jumping at the window, but I'll hang around if they're behaving themselves.

Snow writes:

The people don't have a picture of me yet.  I'm a male Siamese with a ringed tail, cream-colored for the most part, with some light tan.  Last year, I was hurting with an infected bite, so I let the lady clean my wound and touch me.  When I got better, I shied away from her touch.  The humans are sure that I had a home at one time, because of that, but now I want to be outside instead of around humans in a house.  I don't mind them coming up to the window and looking at me, but I'd just prefer not to be petted right now.  Tuxedo and I get into fights sometimes, but he always wins.  We don't roll around fighting, just scream, hiss, and growl at each other until I back down.  When that happens, the humans put some food out on the front porch as well as the back porch so we can each have our dinners in peace.

Laura writes:

Hi, I'm Laura kitty.  I'm a female, black, medium-furred kitty.  I have been coming at least three times every day for the last couple of weeks, now that it's starting to warm up.  The male human gave me my name.  I don't mind them, but don't like when they move quickly.  There's a black kitty inside who loves to watch me and gets all excited when I come to eat!  He twitches his tail, which I at first thought was a sign he was going to come out and fight me, but now I know that he can't come out because of the window.  He watches me very intently, especially when I'm eating and then also when I go to hunt in the yard, as I'm doing in the picture.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I'm glad you are all getting food. I am glad there are such wonderful humans out there

Sweet Praline said...

You are so lucky you have some humans who care and are feeding you.

meowmeowmans said...

It sure is nice meeting you all! We're so glad you're being cared for. :)