Saturday, March 6, 2010

Therapy Cat Tales

Tabby writes:

(from yesterday's diary/visit)

Such a bright, beautiful day today! It was still cold enough that I had a fleece blankie in my stroller, but not so cold that I had to have a jacket. There are so many things to sniff and look at now that spring is coming: cherry trees, magnolia trees, rhododendrons, trailing flowers, people and dogs out and about.

H. was a busy place today, because there was a formal party for all the residents. The party wasn't until after our visit, so we had plenty of time before our friends had to get dressed up, but the decorating started early. I sniffed decorations while Mommy put our things in the office (my carrier and her book bag), then we went to see who we could find. On the way, I visited with one of the ladies in the office, and with the receptionist.

There are more people on the floor! Lots of new faces, hands, and laps! I met a little human boy, his mom, and his grandma. The grandma is living there, and the rest of the family came to visit her. The mom pointed me out to the boy: "See the kitty?" Mommy told them all they could pet me, and they all three had the biggest smiles! The grandma had heard about me, but not met me yet, so she was overjoyed to actually meet me! Then I created a traffic jam in the hallway by the elevator, because more people wanted to visit with me, and one of the ladies' security alarms made the elevator alarm sound. That was soooo loud, but I was ok with it. I basically ignored it, which made Mommy proud.

I saw all my regulars, except for one of the ladies whose name starts with P. had died. We are sad about that, but happy that she isn't suffering anymore. I guess that's what happens when you work where I do. There was another room that didn't have anyone in it, but the bedding was being changed, so that means that there will probably be new friends there again next time I visit.

I got to visit with C. twice. She got a new wheelchair, so now her legs are raised up more and she has more of a lap for me! I settled right down on her lap this time, and she was so incredibly happy! She had a huge smile, twinkles in her eyes, and petted me as she watched everyone going by to see if they saw that she had a cat on her lap! A couple people stopped and mentioned that I was on her lap, and her smile got wider and wider! :) Of course, I just settled in more and purrrrrrrred away! Then, after she went to her room to lie down for a while, we were making our rounds and stopped to see her roommate. After her roommate visited with me, I got to visit with C. again on her bed. I lay down alongside her, and she petted me, smiling.

I wanted to play with G. today! I love her bed, and she gets quite a kick out of that. As she was petting me, I reached out and tagged her hand (without claws, just batting it)! Then, I reached out again and touched her finger with my paw. She picked my paw up and moved it a little, then went back to petting me, laughing. We did that game a couple more times, then I rolled over for tummy rubs on her bed while she made jokes about the bed being too big for me. I thought it was just the right size!

M. was getting a little mixed up with her chronology today. She told me that her cat, the one she always tells me about, had been lost but had just come back home. Other than that, she was making sense. She's in her mid-80's, and doing really well for her age! Mommy told her that, and she smiled and said it was because she knew her limits and knew when to ask for help. We believe that! We love visiting with her, and she loves me.

Well, EVERYONE loves me, and I love EVERYONE! :) >^..^<

A., another new person, had family visiting as well. Her niece and nephews were there. As soon as I came close enough so they could see who/what I was, one of the men said, "Is that a therapy cat?" Mommy was happy that he could tell that right away! They all petted me and talked to me, and I did some of my tricks for them. The lady (the niece) asked for the name of somewhere to get a cat certified for therapy work, because she has a cat at home who she says would be perfect for this kind of work too! Yay, another working feline! I'm proud to have inspired another probable cat team. :)

Another lady had her granddaughter visiting, but I walked right in anyway. They said it was just fine, and the lady patted her bed, so I got up there and charmed them completely. Her neighbor in the next room was in her wheelchair in the hallway waiting for me when I got back out there, and didn't want to hold me but wanted to ask a million questions about me, my training, and my harness. At this point, I was out of the stroller walking on my leash. I wear my harness all the time, with Mommy holding my leash, for safety reasons. Sometimes I walk, sometimes stroll, and sometimes Mommy carries me. It all depends on how long we're there and how many people we visit. I love to both walk and stroll, but sometimes I get too tired to walk around.

One of the last people we visited was Mr. G. He had some papers he was working on, but he quickly put them aside when we walked in. He loves cats and had quite a few growing up and as an adult. I sat on his lap and he petted me. He said one of the saddest things, but also one of the happiest, that we have ever heard. He said, "I'd forgotten how soft their fur is." Imagine forgetting what kitty fur feels like! I'm so glad that he can remember, at least for a few minutes, while he pets me!


Marg said...

That is so wonderful that you do that for those people. It must give you a super feeling to help people smile. We are all too wild to do something like that which is disappointing for Mom but we can't help that we were born in the wild and are feral cats. The only person we will talk to is our Mom. Have a great week end. We really enjoyed reading this report.

meowmeowmans said...

Aw, this is such a wonderful post. This is such wonderful stuff you are doing. Thank you!

Eric and Flynn said...

You are very good to do your therapy work.We would be too scared to visit people, we get nervous when people come to our home. It sounds like everyone is very happy to see you and pet you.

Everycat said...

Thank you for this lovely post. Tabby you are doing really good work cheering people with your visits. Mr G remembered how soft cat fur is because of you. Awesome.