Friday, February 19, 2010

Therapy Cat Tales

Tabby writes:

Today we got to go visit at H. again! We haven't been for about a month, because of my being a brat to Starla (Hey, Mommy, you weren't supposed to type THAT!!!) and because of getting settled in our new house. It was a beautiful day, but a cold wind. I had my brown jacket and a fleece blankie, though, so I was ok.

We got there, went in to see the wellness directors first, but they weren't in their office. I really wanted to see them! I looked and sniffed around for them, but they weren't there. Why not? Where did they go? Mommy said we should just go up and visit with my friends, but these are my friends too and I wanted to visit with them first, so I growled low when Mommy said that and picked me up. Just then, one of the ladies came around the corner and greeted us, so I was soooo happy!!!

All three of us went up to visit with my friends. I must've visited 80% of the floor! Of course, everyone loved me. How could they not? They missed me as much as I missed them, for the ones who remembered seeing me. A lot of our people are Alzheimer's patients, so they don't always remember seeing me. Mommy told me that a lot of the people we visit are as old in human years as my "auntie" Sara Kitty was. Wow! She was 19! My human visiting friends are doing really well for being 19 kitty years old.

I love G.'s bed. It's just the right softness to knead on and lay down on, and roll over for tummy rubs. :) M. sang a song to me! It's called "Babyface", and she sang it to me while stroking my face with her fingers. I purred and purred, and pushed my nose into her hand.

After our visit, we went back to the little office and my other friend was there. S. and Mommy told her how I'd growled because they weren't there when we got there, and she laughed at that and petted me. Mommy told them about my new "nephew" Spooky, who's a floppy kitty. Mommy and Daddy say he has something called C.H. (cerebellar hypoplasia). Mommy was telling the ladies that we're training him to be a therapy cat as well. He and I won't be visiting together though, because I want to have all the petting and attention to myself and it wouldn't be fair to ask me to share it. Or for him to have to share either. He won't start his official training for a while, though, because he's not been around wheelchairs or walkers yet. S. and R. liked the idea of another visiting cat, though, so that's very cool!

Then Mommy and I went shopping and then to her class. I got canned food to eat there! Daddy came to pick us up, but I didn't want to leave (of course) so I told him that in no uncertain terms. He said I had to go back home. He held me while Mommy packed up the rest of the canned food (I wanted to eat it all instead of take it home), then I got to look at the cars going by while we drove. Did you know that cars come from behind you and go in front of you?


Happy Cat Family said...

Hi Tabby, how nice that you got to visit your friends at the H.! We wish we could do that, but we are way way way too skittish for that! We admire you, though, it takes a courageous kitty to do that!
And yes, isn't it strange how cars come from the back?
Keep up the good work!

Everycat said...

Tabby you are a wonderful cat to do such kind and good things for older humans. Being a therapy cat makes you very special indeed!

Whicky Wuudler