Friday, September 25, 2009

Foster Friday

Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words, prayers, and purrs on the loss of our tiny tuxie fosters! It means so much to Foster Mommy and Foster Daddy that we have this community of caring friends! *hugs for each and every one of you*

Squishy and Little Guy have been terrorizing the house now that they can jump up on everything. Even the top of the fridge isn't safe! Little Guy decided yesterday that he was a potholder and took a nap in the basket meant for those (on the counter by the stove) until Foster Mommy found him and made him get down. He protested that he was so cute there by showing off his teethies in a yawn, but she still put him on the floor.

Little Bit is finally done weaning those two buggers! It certainly took her long enough!!! They're just over three months old now! *gasp* She's been running around with them, but she's such a well-behaved kitty in general so no major issues with her (just the usual chasing at top speed through the house).

Little Bit is going to be spayed sometime in October, then she'll go to live with Erin. The ad goes back up for the other two on the weekend, not because of their behavior (but potential adopters will be warned the kittens are a double handful!). We hope to have them adopted before Thanksgiving, as we don't let fosters go to new homes during the holidays.

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