Friday, August 21, 2009

Foster Friday

Little Bit, Squishy, and Little Guy are still here. No one has called or e-mailed about them yet! Squishy and Little Guy are now 13 weeks old, and having a blast! The couch disappeared and a recliner now has taken its place, so Skylar, Starla, and Little Guy spend a lot of time curled up together on it (with or without Daddy/Foster Daddy). Little Guy will seek out Skylar for cuddle time; it's so cute!

Little Guy's advertisement is going to be changed, because we think he'd be perfect for training as an emotional support/service cat and/or a therapy cat. He's got the personality for it, checking up on everyone and everything, snuggling, not vocal unless he's playing, using "soft paws" instead of claws when touching humans, etc. All the hallmarks of a good service animal or a good therapy companion pet!

Kai's new mommy has updated pictures on his Catster page. He's obviously doing well there.

Cloud has learned to ride around on his new mommy's shoulder! His page will be transferred to his new mommy once she responds to the e-mail.

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