Friday, August 7, 2009

Foster and Former Foster Friday

Kai's obviously doing well at his new home!

His new mommy says the purse is his favorite spot, and she takes him everywhere in the car with her, so no wonder!

And tucked in bed, snoozing away. He also does his share of playing with her and following her around the house, of course!

Cloud is adjusting well to his new home now that his new mommy consolidated his world to just the upstairs. He was having a hard time getting used to all the space and two floors! He got dewormed, and was so relaxed that he fell asleep at the end of getting his claws clipped for the first time! So he's definitely in his forever home now!

We don't have pictures of Boo and Michelle at their new home, but they're doing fantastic and have been permanently adopted by their family! They play all day and snuggle all night with their new human sister and brother.

Little Bit's enjoying her "me" time now, but she continues to nurse Squishy and Little Guy (even though they're now 11 weeks old)! She's taken to snuggling in bed with Foster Mommy at night, purring up a storm. She also has started pushing against knees to be picked up again, and playing more. She loves playing with a shoelace when one or both of her boys are at the other end of it, and they all will play for about 30 minutes like this! Last night, she love-bit and groomed Foster Mommy's hand as she was going to sleep, and fell asleep purring with her mouth around Foster Mommy's thumb.

Squishy (picture last Wednesday) is growing into such a handsome boy! His nose is starting to grow longer, but still looks kind of persian-like. He's got more white around his ruff than we thought, which makes him look like he's wearing a grey-tipped collar, and is reminiscent of his Auntie Michelle's white fur spots.

Little Guy (pictured with Cloud last week with the bucket) has become quite the leader. He's definitely learning from watching his "auntie" Rori and "uncle" Skylar! He follows his foster parents everywhere, and won't let Foster Mommy get ready to go someplace (climbs up her jeans leg for attention, which behavior we're trying to stop).

Little Bit, Squishy, and Little Guy are still up for adoption. We hope to have some serious inquiries by the beginning of September.


♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Cloud an' Kai are absolutely purr-ecious. We are so happy that he is feelin' good in his new home. Sometimes you gotta keep things small for a while☺

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad he is settling in.