Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wordy Wednesday with wordles from our Catster blogs!

Tabby's words

Skylar's words

Rori's words

Carbon's words

These word clouds were created with the Wordle website. We're now collecting "kitty-theme" words, and are going to make a design with them as a banner for this blog when we get enough. If you have suggestions for words, you can leave them in the comments. Don't worry if some are duplicates of others' suggestions. That just makes the word bigger on the Wordle.


Ozark Mountain Cats said...

How about these words. We hear them alot around here.
Get Your CLAWS out of my LEG!

... Oh you probably wanted "nice" kitty words.. Sorry I can't think of any right now I have to go find a large band-aid...

Biped #1

Drop by and visit us sometime

Eric and Flynn said...

Words we hear a lot from mum are:
Awwwww, Cutie, Sweetypie, Snuggle butt, Cuddlebum, Walkies, Treaties, Teatime, Mousies. And then every night we hear her say, 'Ouch, Eric, get off my head!'

The Crew said...

Well hi everyone. What a large group you are. Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us some time.

We suggest the following words: food, treats, napping, toys & purr