Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Summary

We've had a lot going on this week here at the PDX pride!!!  Socializing, a vet visit, hunting monsters, being afraid of Mommy's witch hat (for a Halloween party at her work), and hanging out with Daddy.  We'll let each other tell the highlights of the week.

Tigress writes:

I love my house and my inside family!  It's so nice being inside when it's wet outside, especially when it's cold.  Even when it's dry outside, I realize now that my inside family wants me to come inside to visit them at night.  I've been spending almost a third of the time in with them, especially at night, but they let me out when I want.  I even hopped up on the bed when Mommy was sleeping to let her know I wanted out one time, and another time I walked all the way to Daddy's chair when the TV was on to let him know I wanted out!  I realize that TV isn't as scary as I originally thought, but I still don't like it.  Panther and I have been getting along well.  I am worried about his eyes and ears, so I make sure to check on him every time I come in.  I'll let him tell how he's doing, though.

Panther writes:

I had to go to the vet again!  Foster Mommy and Grandpa took me this time, because Foster Daddy started a new job and was very tired after a week of training.  That's fine, because I like Grandpa.  I knew what the vet was going to check, and growled at the nurse when she took out the thermometer.  They were very nice to me, though.  I got some new medicine that's really helping me!  It's a liquid medicine, so no more drops in my eyes.  The vet said my eye infection turned into an upper-respiratory infection.

The medicine is helping me so much that I now feel like playing again!  This morning, I was running around trying to get my aunties and uncles to play with me, but they kept on growling and hissing.  That made me nervous, so I attacked them!  Mommy and Daddy yelled at me for it and stomped their feet or clapped to break up the fights.  Not fun, and certainly not playing!  I don't even know why I keep on getting into fights.  I don't want to!  Somehow, I manage to start fights, though.  I try to make up for it afterward by trying to apologize to whoever I attacked, but they don't want to accept my apologies until a few hours later.  Why not?  Inside kitty rules are very confusing!

Little Bit writes:

I tackled a monster, but it won!  No, I'm not talking about Panther, although I did fight with him and won.  I'm talking about the air monster that lives underneath the house.  It blows my fur around when I stand over the vent, and is nice and warm right now, but it makes a horrible sound when it starts up.  Since it's started to be a little colder here, the air monster has been making sounds more often.  I decided a few nights ago to fight it.  Big mistake!  It was in the middle of the night, so the house was mostly quiet, meaning I could hear the air monster start up.  I went over to its escape route and attacked!  I pulled its door open, but the door itself made such a horrible noise that I ran away!  It clanged and banged, squeaking as it came up, then banged down to the floor when I ran!  Mommy woke up and put the door back on the vent, because she didn't want anyone exploring the monster's lair.  She calls it ductwork.

Tabby writes:

I put myself to bed last night!  We were all out together for a long time, because Carbon, Starla, and I have been getting along better again.  I start getting sleepy around midnight, so I curled up with Daddy for a bit, then told him I wanted to be carried into the green room for night-night time.  He said I could go to bed myself.  I walked over to Mommy, got my good-night petting, then walked down the hall.  I hopped up onto the tote I've chosen as my bed, then yelled down the hall for Mommy to come in to tuck me in!  She came in, petted me again, kissed the top of my head, turned out the light and shut the door.  ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  Later on, she let Carbon in to join me when it was night-night time for him.


Sparkle said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Panther, although it's not so nice that you are getting into all those fights!

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Panther we are glad you are feeling better. Maybe it is the medicine smells that are making everyone hissy with you.

Everyone we enjoyed catching up with you.