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Carbon's diary from Catster

Carbon writes:

As our family moves from Catster to Cathugger, we are each publishing our previous diary entries here so that we will still have them and others can read them if they like.  These entries are mostly previous to the creation of "Furry Tails of the PDX pride", and are from earliest to latest, organized by cat.


October 10th 2006 4:45 pm

I love it when my humans get out the Lego table! It was Mommy this time, not Daddy. He usually is the one who plays with Legos, and lets me hop up on the table (if I don't touch anything). Mommy got out a big project, and I walked onto the table from the kitty tree and sat there watching her. I was very good, and didn't touch any pieces. She gave me a window piece to sniff because I was so good.

A big box came for Mommy today. We were having door time, so we watched it being delivered. We had to get away from the door when the mailman came up so that Mommy could open it and get the package. The mailman is nice. I usually hear him put stuff in the box, but hardly ever see him unless we have door time at the front door when he comes. Mommy put the box on the floor, and I jumped on top of it. I love when she gets boxes! She opened it up, and it was a pony toy. Mommy has a whole closet full of them, and I love carrying around any brushes that get left out by mistake. I jumped in the open box and sniffed around a little bit before Mommy picked me out of there. The pony toy had been outside, so it had lots of wonderful smells on it.

I had FUN last night!!!

October 11th 2006 1:25 pm

Last night, I decided to go after the kitchen witch again. It looks so tempting, hanging over the sink, just taunting me. I always sit in front of the sink on the kitchen floor and gaze at it, plotting the best way to get it.

I thought I had it figured out perfect, but things didn't go as planned. Our water glass was on the edge of the sink, right where I jumped. CRASH!!! It woke Mommy and Daddy up and sent me tumbling into the sink, but I jumped right out of there. Mommy got up and checked my paws to make sure I was okay, and got the glass out of the sink (along with pieces of a plate that broke, too). I didn't really get in trouble, because the broken pieces distracted her, but she chased me under the bed to make sure I knew I was being naughty. Not like I didn't know that in the first place, but that's part of the fun!

She ate it!

October 12th 2006 4:26 pm
I'm mad at Tabby. She ate my moth yesterday! I spent 15 minutes hunting it, and got it with my own paws, and she came over and stole it! I had it, and she came over to take it, so I hissed at her (which I almost never do) and she backed off, so I thought I was fine, but then I got bowled over by a head butt and she ate MY MOTH! Mommy gave us all treats for catching the moth, but SHE got to eat it when it was MINE. She ate the whole thing, and got a treat, too, and I didn't even get a wing. I got my treat, and I wasn't going to share that with anyone, even Lydia (who tried to get it).

Avon day!!!

October 15th 2006 6:44 pm

 Today was Avon day at our house. Mommy gets at least one Avon box every two weeks, and we fur people get so excited, because we get the box and the yellow ties to play with! Lydia claimed the box as soon as Daddy brought it in the door, so she got to play first with the ties once Mommy clipped them. I pounced on the box lid, and Tabby played with the tie that Lydia wasn't playing with. After a bit, when Mommy was looking through the new catalogs, I hopped onto Daddy's lap to get pets, and Lydia went over to sit by Mommy and sniff the books.

Sometimes, Mommy stamps on the books right away, and other times she doesn't. Today, she did. You can see pictures of me sitting on the table helping her. Her pen was very interesting, and I batted it to the floor once, but then she put it and me on the table again. She knows I like being up.

After a bit, I got bored, and went out to sleep with Daddy on the couch. I slept by him this morning, and he woke up and saw me there. He told me I was such a good kitty, and that he felt better because I was snuggled with him! I love Daddy (and Mommy, too).


November 7th 2006 1:33 am
I wanted to hunt a squirrel today, but I couldn't get to it. I hopped on the kitchen sink counter (where I'm not supposed to be, but sometimes Mommy lets me) and I could hear it in the rafters going to the attic. I tried to figure out how to get to it, but I couldn't. I meowed softly at it, telling it I was there, and it chittered back. Mommy came in the kitchen and saw me, so I got down, but I still kept looking at the ceiling. Mommy went outside to see if she could chase the squirrel down, and got chittered at too. We both finally gave up.


November 16th 2006 5:13 pm

I want to get the storm monster! Gramma was here for a visit, Daddy's in Idaho, and Mommy's been resting a lot. I rested in the window when Mommy was asleep yesterday, and woke up to the wind coming at me! Good thing there's the window inbetween me and it. Maybe that's why it's called a window? I had slept too long in one spot, and my back legs needed some time to wake up, so I paced in the kitchen until they got better. Mommy was concerned about how I was walking, so she paced with me and figured out what it was. I started at every noise the storm monster made, and I shook, so Mommy picked me up and cuddled me for a bit until I was better. Then I wanted to show the storm who was boss, so Skylar and I went into the bedroom and shouted at the storm to make it go away. Well, Skylar shouted and I hissed and growled, but we made quite a ruckus and Mommy was very proud of us for scaring it away. It's not quite so loud now, so I think we did our job protecting the others. Mommy says it might come back, so I'm on the lookout for it.

I tipped my water bowl over this afternoon and got into a lot of trouble because I made a lake in the living room. I was quite proud of it, and the other kitties came over to admire my work too, but Mommy didn't like it and put my towel over it.


November 25th 2006 8:21 pm

Normally, I'm not very vocal, but today I really wanted to play chase with Mommy so I went into the office right behind her chair and meowed. Just one little meow. She turned around and tried to get my tail, but I was too quick for her. A few minutes later, I came back and meowed again, but she still couldn't get me! It's a fun game.

Cold and hunting

November 27th 2006 11:03 pm

It was cold today! Mommy let us have door time, and funny white stuff was coming down. She said it was snow. I wanted to go outside and catch it! Well, maybe sit on the porch steps and catch it, anyway.

I got up in the living room window later on, and sat looking at all the birds in the side yard. I swished my tail at them, but Mommy and Gramma didn't want me to go outside to catch them.

King of the Water Bowl!

December 3rd 2006 4:31 pm

I decided to take a break from my fun day to purr this diary entry from Mommy's lap in the computer room/office. I woke up early, before anyone else was awake, and saw a new toy to play with! I got up on the kitchen counter and got the full paper-towel roll down, unrolling it all over the kitchen. I had lots of fun! Skylar helped me decorate, but then Daddy woke up and had Mommy come get the toy and put it away.

After they went back to sleep, I found something else to play with. I love fishing, but I didn't have a full-sized towel around my bowl, just a hand towel, so I decided to do something different. Skylar was the first one to notice it, and he yowled for Mommy, who came out and just started laughing. I put the little towel in the water bowl and soaked up all the water so none of the other kitties could drink any! I'm King of the Water Bowl!!! Muahhahaaa!!! Then I fought Skylar for the first drink once it was refilled, but Mommy picked me up and moved me away so the others could drink. I wanted to defend my kingdom!

My Secret Santa Kitty gift came!

December 16th 2006 2:05 pm

(Carbon's Mommy is writing this, since Carbon's too busy playing with his new white furry mouse toy)
Carbon says thank you so much to his Secret Santa Kitty!!!!!!! He absolutely loves the white furry mouse, and it's currently in the bathtub playing chase and bat with him, and has been for 20 minutes already! The other toys are a hit, too, and the cookie cutter will come in very handy for treats. Skylar guarded the Santa package from the others, because he thought it was his (since his Secret Santa gifts came the other day), so we got a laugh out of that! Carbon LOVES things to battle, and gives a big kitty hug to his Secret Santa Kitty. The HK paper is too cute! Pics will go up soon.

Mommy's mean!

December 18th 2006 1:53 am

Tabby and I have been playing with the Christmas ribbons. We found the bag Mommy hides them in, under the bookshelf, and have been helping ourselves to them and scattering them around the house. Most of it's raffia, so we can't eat it and hurt ourselves (it tastes bad, I tried). There was a new fuzzy in the bag too, and I wanted to play with it. Mommy clapped and said "NO" and wouldn't let me have it. She said it wasn't a toy, it was a fabric/yarn bowl a friend had made. She put it up, along with the rest of the ribbons. *goes to pout on the sock bag*

-- two seconds later --

Christmas Mouse! Let's play!

Lucky Boo and Luna sent my mouse!

December 18th 2006 11:51 pm

Lucky Boo and Luna were the ones who gifted me with my Christmas Mouse! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I sent Bruce his gift, and he attacked the package even before his Mum had a chance to open it! It was a catnip pillow that he loves. :) 

Meowy Christmas!

December 27th 2006 8:35 pm

Daddy got sick for Christmas. That's not a nice present! We've all been trying to make him feel better. Well, sort of. Everyone else has, but I've been a little devil! I found where Mommy had hidden the yarn bowl and got it out to play with again, even though it meant jumping where I couldn't see where I was going. She found it in the middle of the floor. I also got into the kitchen sink and tried to lick the water from the faucet. I'll have to work on that trick more, because there wasn't any water there and something was covering the faucet. Mommy says there's a water filter on it. Whatever it is, it's foiling my attempts to get at the water!
Daddy got us a new kitty tree. I love sitting on top of it. There's a little nest on top, where I can be king of the world.

Tristan's in the hospital!

January 27th 2007 4:35 pm

Our little 4-year-old human friend is in the hospital! Please purrrray for him. Updates are in the forums under "Get Well Soon" and on Cadillac and Boots' pages in their diaries.

Meoooooooooooooooooooow *cries*

March 7th 2007 6:08 pm

Christmas Mouse is gone!!!!!! Mommy said it had to go away!!!! My favorite toy! Daddy found it in the bathtub hiding behind the shower curtain, waterlogged and mildewing. I was so glad it was found, I played with it the whole day. But today, Mommy found it in the litterbox poopy tray, with poop on and around it. My MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffles and goes to cry in a safe place*

*giggles and runs around the house like crazy*

April 28th 2007 10:59 pm

Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was the ButterflyKitty sending anonymous rosettes to everyone, and nobody guessed for a long time (well, long to me!). I had a blast doing it, and everykitty loved their butterflies I sent them to catch!!!! :) :) >ii< *

And...I got gifted with anonymous rosettes myself, which somehow earned me a badge at The Samoa Detective Agency. Huh? *scratching my furry head* I'm busted and promoted on the same day by the same agency?

Sleeping in my water dish?! *blushes*

May 5th 2007 9:00 pm

Brad (Erin's boyfriend) caught me sleeping in my water dish (aka fishing bowl) today! Oh, no! He told Erin, and she came up to me and woke me up. I had my head and one paw soaked! I was so ticked off at them; I pranced over to them and shook my fluffy butt at them, then pranced off to the bedroom to lick myself dry and pout.

Tabby's Trapped!

May 14th 2007 8:14 am

Tabby's trapped in the bedroom! Mommy and Daddy won't let her out, and won't let any of us in to see her! They and Erin are the only ones who can go back and forth, no kitties allowed. This morning, I really really wanted to play with Tabby, because it was our time to go bouncing around over all the humans and wrestle, but we couldn't because she was in isolation. She was tired and didn't want to play paws under the door, even. What's wrong? She's got sneezies, and her eye's goopy. Mommy brings different medicines in to her at different times during the day and night, but she's still in isolation. When I wanted to play paws this morning, I kept on meowing my little tiny meows at the door and putting my paws under, but she was asleep on the bed. Mommy heard me and talked with me through the door so I wouldn't feel so lonely. I'm writing this now, curled up in Mommy's lap in a furry circle, getting petted and loved on. Hopefully, Tabby will get better soon and be able to come back out into the rest of the house. Go away, sneezies!

Tabby's out!

May 18th 2007 2:11 am

Tabby's out of her isolation! She's all better, and we've been racing around the house like crazy. I'm so purrrrrrrrrrry and playful!!!!!!!!!


May 22nd 2007 1:19 am

1. I'm an evil genius.
2. I have long hairballs.
3. The first thing I did when I met Daddy was climb up his arm to his neck and hide.
4. I have a very small, sweet mew.
5. My favorite room of the house is the bathroom.
6. I LOVE anything smelly!
7. I snuggle with smelly shoes and dirty laundry.

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Tagged cats:
Ghanja Querida Rodriguez
Joci Drusilla 

I'm a big boy now (and going outside)!

June 7th 2007 7:11 pm

I turn 2 years old tomorrow, but I got my present today! I got a new collar, brown plaid with my SuperCat tag on it, but I got another present that's even better! I'm not a scaredy-cat anymore!!! :) :) :) Mommy took me outside in a red harness and leash, and I sat on the porch in the wind, all happy and sitting tall, and smelled all the smells! I didn't even cringe like I used to, and now I'm meowing my head off for her to take me outside again! She says once is enough for today. I met a new friend outside. His name is Dot, and he looks like Skylar. He eats off the porch bowl, but he didn't want to come up when I was out there, so we just looked at each other from about two feet away. Then, Mommy picked me up (under protest!) and took me back inside.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a big kid now! MEOW!

June 18th 2007 11:27 pm

I can MEOW!!! Not just mew, like before, a real grown-up MEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a real cat now! Mommy's dad has a theory that I've been watching Skylar and have decided I'm the man of the house now, so I need to start acting like it. I won't tell if he's right or not. :) I've been going outside more now, too. Today, I MEOWED for out, and Mommy opened the door. I came face-to-face with Shadow, who was eating breakfast. While Mommy and Erin watched, I calmly went out the door (Shadow ran off), sat on the porch, and enjoyed my outside. Wind on my fur, new smells on my nose, different things to watch, all fun and all new. Things I haven't been around since I was a tiny kitten, since I was brought home. Sarah, the neighbor cat who doesn't meow at all, came by and greeted me with a silent meow, and I sniffed in her direction. After she left, I decided to explore my new world a bit more. Erin came outside, and I went down one step because I didn't want her to pick me up and take me inside again. Then, I smelled something different, so I dove under the porch into the dirt. Shadow and Tux had been spending a lot of time down there, because I smelled them very strongly. Also, Skylar had been there once or twice. Mommy called for me, but I wasn't ready to come back yet. Then Erin had a great idea: she brought my battle buddy out to Mommy! I can't resist my battle buddy, and poked my head out when I heard its bell. Mommy twirled it around, and I came out a little more. Finally, she was able to grab me and I went limp. I knew it couldn't last forever, but there's always a next time! Bad, mean Mommy, not letting me stay outside!

My new hiding place!

July 27th 2007 8:54 pm

Well, it WAS my new hiding place! I worked and worked on opening the kitchen cabinets with my paws, and I finally got one door open. Mommy couldn't find me anywhere, but she'd heard the cabinets, so she looked in. There I was, resting in the cupboard amongst the pots and pans, a happy camper! I jumped right out when she discovered me, though. I didn't want to get in trouble for being somewhere I knew darn well I wasn't supposed to be. I've tried getting in since then, even to the point of spending an hour trying to get in, but Mommy put a wooden footstool against the doors! Mommy, please, PLEASE, move the stool!!! *purrrrrs* please??? >^..^

I've got an outside twin???

February 4th 2008 9:14 pm

Daddy has been delivering firewood to different places on the weekends, and having the door open a lot. None of us has escaped (yet), but he watches the door when it's open and is careful to close it if we get too close.

BUT............................................... ............

He thought I got out this weekend! He had shut the door and was over by the truck, shifting the wood around to be sure it was secure, when he saw me outside in the yard! He was absolutely sure it was me, and it gave him an awful fright! He started towards "me", and "I" turned my head, showing off a bright red collar. ;)

Wasn't ME! I have a twin with a red collar now! I was safe inside the house! :) Daddy came inside and found me, cuddled and petted me, so glad I was safe.

My birthday's tomorrow!

June 7th 2008 10:18 pm

Today I've been playing and snuggling a lot, thinking of what tomorrow brings. It's my third birthday tomorrow! Mommy's going to get me a special birthday toy from the store she's working at and bring it home to me. She also promised me snuggles and brushing! I LOVE MY BRUSH!!!

My little buddy Rori's going to go to her new home with her Mommy Erin this week. I've been teaching her all kinds of tricks since she came here, and it will be sad to see her leave, but Mommy Erin is nice and will take good care of her. After all, Mommy Erin's the one who found her in the first place!


Carbon, the almost-three-year-old.

My great birthday yesterday!

June 9th 2008 11:09 pm

Boy, did I have a great birthday! As you can see from my main picture, I pulled out my favorite blankie and took a birthday snooze. Yes, I picked it out of the pile of blankets and put it on the floor, then curled up in it. :) Then, when Mommy came home from work, she gave me kisses and petted me a lot, then made a sandwich and gave me the crust (the only part I'll eat). She also brought a new toy home for me: a gigantic crinkle ball! It's as big as my front legs put together! Rori and I had so much fun playing with it last night!

And...Rori gets to stay with us! Erin decided that she couldn't afford to take her, so we officially adopted her!

Thanks to those who sent me birthday greetings!


Carbon, the now-three-year-old fluffball.

P.S. At Mommy's work today (she works inside four different Petco stores) there was a family who came in with their newly adopted kitten: a black, longhaired guy who looked just like me when I was adopted! Mommy got to pet him, and showed them a picture of me.

What's happening?

October 13th 2008 6:46 pm

Mommy and Daddy took Lydia somewhere, then came back and she didn't move, smelled different. They said she died. Skylar, Sara, and Tabby know what's going on, but I'm in the chair sleeping after I sniffed her body.

Mommy wonders if I'll realize it in a day or so, or if I'm in denial, or what.

Mommy and Daddy are so sad.

-- Carbon.

We're writing hubs!

November 12th 2008 6:59 pm

Mommy is letting us occasionally write articles on her hubpages account. Our articles are getting read internet-wide! I wrote one interviewing Skylar, Lydia, and Sara about adopting our humans.

I got a Christmas Card!!!

December 18th 2008 7:42 pm

Wow! We hadn't checked the mail for a bit because of the snowstorm, but Dad went out to get it yesterday. One of the envelopes was for ME!!! I got a Christmas card from my buddies Taz, Ko, Jacob, Boots, Susie, and Orvis, and their purrents enclosed pictures! The card's of a big cat teaching a kitten how to birdwatch through the window, just like I taught Rori how to watch for friends! :)

Merry Catmas, everyone!



Sara's gone

January 5th 2009 4:44 pm

Mommy and Daddy took Sara and brought her home in a box. I sniffed the box and wanted to jump on it, but they wouldn't let me. When Daddy lifted her out, I went over a few times to sniff, then licked the top of her head and walked off.

Thank you *brushes away tears*

January 6th 2009 12:27 pm

Thank you, everyone, for your purrs, prayers, and rosettes for my family, and for the honor of being Diary of the Day! I went and sat on Daddy's lap this morning for cuddles and pets because I was so sad about losing Sara Kitty. It's just not the same without her around. Everyone's so subdued, and the only one playing is Rori (who plays even when she's sad). Even she is checking on everyone more often, though, and woke Mommy up with kisses and snuggles.

We now have a blogspot!

January 29th 2009 6:20 pm

We now have an actual blog! You can read it here. Of course, we're still going to be updating our Catster diaries as well.

Cat fight!

February 11th 2009 8:47 pm

Everyone's ok now, but see Rori's diary for details.

Workers next door

February 20th 2009 7:38 pm

It's been an exciting day today! For the last few days, there have been people working on the house next door, right in front of our living room window! I sat in the window all day today and watched them. They're putting new siding on the house and making all sorts of noise, with ladders and pails and other interesting things around. I hop down to eat, drink, and use the litter box, but then it's right back up into the window to watch again!

Wow! I'm Cat of the Day!!!!!!

June 3rd 2009 12:30 am

Thank you so much, Catster, for making me Cat of the Day today! I know I haven't kept my diary updated lately. Others in the family have kept the news going, but I've kind of been silent since February.

The reason: I've turned into a snuggle kitty most of the time now. I'm either sleeping, investigating, or snuggling with Mommy while she types. I still watch the world through the back window and tell Mommy and Daddy when someone new is out there, but my days running around like crazy through the house are almost done. I just don't get the crazies like I used to!

Starla's here now, and I was trying to get her to play all the time, but then I finally figured out that she's a snuggle kitty who plays by herself when she wants to play. Tabby hasn't yet figured that out, so I often tag along behind Tab when she goes to harass Starla, just to watch.

My birthday!

June 8th 2009 12:25 am

Ack! Mommy tells me that today's my 4th birthday! Do I look that old? I'm starting to get a few grey hairs, but not too many. Is four too old to still run around with the kitten crazies? I sure hope not, because that's one of my favorite things to do!

I don't remember too much about where I was born, just that I was with my kitty mommy and furblings and then some humans took me and placed me in a cage. Daddy tells me that I was born in the same town he was born in. Tabby was born there, too. It's called Clatskanie, and is midway between Portland and the beach along Highway 30.

I already know what I'm getting as a present: flea medication! To some kitties, that wouldn't be a good present, but it sure is for me! I hate the scabs I get from those nasties, and I know the medicine makes it better, so I'm always glad to have it. I know the smell, and I don't run from it. So Mommy and Daddy are getting some for me. I also get a new toy. I'm hoping it will be a crinkle ball.

Thank you so much, everyone, for the nice rosettes and pawmails for my Cat of the Day award! :) Mommy read all of them to me, and we love every one!

Our new house!

December 30th 2009 2:47 am

I do not like this thing called "moving"! I peed in the carrier going over, on myself and the blanket and on Rori. :( I had no idea what was going on, and I was so scared that I was shivering and stress purring.

I hid in a teepee (no pun intended) of chart paper for a day, then started to explore the house. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of me when I made it into the living room! Now, I run all over and play with all our toys happily! I love the sliding glass door in the dining room.

Happy Birthday to Me!

June 8th 2010 2:09 am

I'm now 5 years old! :) I'm going to enjoy my birthday with naps, playtime with Tabby, laying by the sliding glass door, playing with my favorite catnip toy, running at top speed through the house, and maybe a snuggle or two from Daddy and sitting in Mommy's lap.

It's a happy day, but also a sad one. Daddy brought little Spooky's body home from the vet's yesterday. (See Spooky's diary for the news.) He put it on a blanket on the living room floor so we could all say our goodbyes. I had been having fun with my catnip toy, so I wasn't keen on going to see what was on the blanket. I was more interested in the box that Daddy had brought home. But Daddy said I couldn't jump in the box, and wanted me to look at the blanket. I didn't quite know why. Mommy picked me up and placed me nose-to-nose with Spooky's body. I was kind of afraid of him while he was alive, because I don't consider kittens to be cats until they are at least a year old, for some reason. But I sniffed because I was that close, then realized what I was sniffing! I looked at Tabby, who was right beside me, touched noses with her, then looked at Mommy and Daddy and walked away to the other end of the house.

After everyone had sniffed and said their goodbyes, conferring with the others about it, and even Starla had come to say her goodbyes (Mommy brought her out to see and sniff), Daddy carried the body out to the backyard. He and Mommy buried Spooky in a corner of the yard, at a spot where you can see and hear the geese in the marsh next door. We all love to hear the geese!

When Daddy and Mommy came back in, I claimed Mommy's boots (not raining at the moment, but the yard is muddy) and slept with/on one for a couple hours.


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