Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love music! Music means snuggles!

Spooky writes:

Guess what?! Music playing on the computer means that Mommy has a snuggle lap for me! Tonight I was flopped on the floor of the dining room after eating, when all of a sudden I heard a song coming from the computer in the kitty tree room. I knew Mommy was in there, so I went running at top speed, came around the corner, skidded to a halt in front of the computer chair, and jumped up in her lap! Snuggles, loves, and singing, all equal a happy ME!!!!!! And a happy MOMMY!!!!!!

Oh, and a jealous Carbon kitty who spat at me as I raced by and then he went and hid under the bed, MOL. I was too focused on getting my snuggles that I didn't chase him this time.


Kea said...

Aw, lap snuggles are the best. We bet your mom was *very* happy to have you cuddle like that. :-)

Cat of Nine Tales said...

You are very smart to know when to get the best snuggles and attention!
~Lisa Co9T